Rake Problem and Questions

I could use some advice. Let me start with what I have for a roof. I have asphalt architectural shingles on a very large 30+sq. single peak roof. When the roof was instaleled the contractor put drip edge up the rake, then applied a syn. underlayment so that it covered the drip edge. Now I have water damage in the house and upon investigation I discovered that the the water is getting under the shingles at the drip edge and then under the enderlayment soaking the roof deck and causing the leak. My plan of attack is to remove shingles along the rake. Cut the syn underlayment back about a foot. Allow the roof decking to dry then apply ice and water shield over the drip edge and then over the syn underlayment. I was going to then run a line line of caulk on the drip edge and then reapply the shingles. Does this sound like a good fix? Please advise…


Sounds plausible to me but I am having a hard time figuring out why you have a water penetration to begin with.

How long ago was the re-roofing?

Can you post a photo of the house & a closeup of the affected area (all pics can be taken from the ground).

It is only 2 years old and is a newly built house. The shingles do not overhange the drip edge and in some spots are back from the edge by 1/8th of an inch or so. The drip edge does not appear to tilting back towards the house and deck causing the water to flow that way but it may be inperceptable as it only needs to by a little bit. http://www.roofing.com/images/topics/8633/img_1256577678.jpghttp://www.roofing.com/images/topics/8633/img_1256577750.jpghttp://www.roofing.com/images/topics/8633/img_1256578070.jpg


Just another picture to help in description of problem. Thanks for the reply.

Your photos don’t show me your (newly explained) “shingles 1/8” back from the drip edge" as you stated, but that’s OK, I’ll take your word for it.

Essentially, you are going to do a deconstruction of what was put on & put stuff back in place however this time in the right way & even add an ice & water shield.

Sounds fine to me.

Oh, & the two closeup photos are in conflict; one shows the ice & water OVER the drip edge & one shows the I&W placed UNDER.

Underlayment goes UNDER the drip edge on rakes & OVER on eaves.

The rake layout with the drip under the vapor barrier is probably your problem.

Your photos don’t show me your (newly explained) “shingles 1/8” back from the drip edge"

that looks like what’s causing the leak to me, you can see the stainng on the drip edge where the shingles ended. The underlayment being under the drip may have prevented the water from getting in for awhile but with the nail penetrations so close eventually it would have seeped thru, sooner if the nails weren’t flush either. I see dmamge from this all the time, it’s not usually noticed till the reroof unless like this it’s over an interior wall.

what you have planned should work, I would seal the whole rake to make sure water can’t get in from above. The only other thing I could think of would be to redo the whole rake with an overhang but that may be a little overkill for the problem you have

Thank you for the replies. I can say that there is no ice and water shield on the rake area at all. In the pictures you will see only the underlayment laying on top of the drip edge. At no point does the underlayment fall under the drip edge, if it had water would not make it to the roof decking. So is it ok when I add the ice and water shield to have that stick to the top of the drip edge, stick to the roof decking then stick to the underlayment? So that if water does flow over the top of the drip edge it would flow on top of the ice and water then onto the underlayment. Also I guess the bigger question is why is this happening at all? Any thoughts…again thank you for all of your responses.

I wouldn’t rely on ice and water shield to seal completely along the rake. Cured cover tape may work if the edging was primed. I would suggest sealing the edging with a generous bead of polyurethane caulking run under the shingles. Try this and see if your problem ends.

What kind of workmanship warranty did your installer provide? Most (all?) shingle application instructions call for shingles to be beyond edging.

Capillary action will draw water

RUn the shingles an inch past the rake. Won’t matter what’s under them then. I’ve fixed many ot these over the years. See several every year.
You can see the horizonal water tracks in your pics.

Capillary action will draw water as selfemployedslave said. I see lots of roofs with the shingles cut even with the drip edge or like the original poster said 1/8 inch back. This will cause this result. When you tear these roofs off you can see the water stains and rusty nails.
The fix
Remove shingles along the rake edges and install them with a 1/2 overhang over the drip edge. No more problems. As for installing Ice and Water up the rake edges I will never be convinced of this idea other than for the Ice and water manufactures to make more money. Of course they want to see it on the rakes.