you are so kind for answering my questions. this is the final question and i wil stop being a problem.
clarify this for me please:
1)the ice shield goes on the eaves edge
2)the drip edge goes on the rake edge and eaves edge; but does it go over the ice shield or vica versa? what goes on first on the eaves and where would they go?
3)in the valley,do we put an ice shield or drip edge or both? if both,what goes on first?
4)drip edge goes under flashing around chimmney and vent pipe?
thank you ranch hand.no more questions,promise.

Ranch answered your question already,but you have so many threads started you now just start another thread instead of reading the ones you already have.

He also tried to explain to you this would happen and you now have over 20 threads started and can’t keep up with what has been said.

He continues to be of assistance to you but you haven’t even responded to any of his questions to you.

Just go back and look at all the threads you started and look at the threads titled "Hey Taser"that you never responded to.Personally I think your contractor did a good job and you calling him odd is like “the kettle calling the pot black”. :?