Rate of pay

All you salesman and estimators,question, what is your rate?..ball park figure.Thankyou in advance.

It depends on how much work they do. I pay percent of profit normally about 40 percent. If you just want to pick up contracts and drop them off I might pay 10 or 12 percent of the deal. I am willing to go 50 50 if you bring in your work and manage your own jobs. I am in Texas though.

I get 45% of the gross profit. For that I sell the job, order the job, babysit the crew, handle customer complaints if any, figure out subs pay and collect the checks. I also pay 1/2 for my leads. Only thing I don’t do, YET, is pay for my own insurance. I want a raise.

Straight 50% of profit. Collect check order materials customer problems and dont pay squat for my leads.