Rate shingles/brands in 2018


I have been looking at replacing my shingles and have been researching which asphalt shingle to go with.

Every single contractor I have had give an estimate has recommended a different shingle and claimed its “the best” and various others are “total garbage”. It’s been a tad frustrating.

I think I have an idea of relative brand ratings overall, but would like the input from pros or people who are knowledgeable about shingles.

Please rate from best to worst

Malarkey Vista
Malarkey Legacy
Owens corning Duration
IKO cambridge
Gaf timberline HD
BP Mystique 42’s

I am not overly familiar with certainteed and no contractor offered it up as their preferred shingle.


#1 - Legacy

#2 - Vista

#3 - Duration

#4 - Cambridge

I have no experience with BP so I cannot rate them.

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Bp are better than iko but from what I understand malarkey are standouts. Don’t have them here yet, but everyone I talk to out west loves them

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The Legacy is the best bang for your buck shingle by a wide margin.

It’s SBS, it’s 300lbs/sq, it has scotchguard, It is impact resistant, It has a high copper content for moss & algae resistance.

Nothing else in it’s price range is even close.

Owens Corning duration for sure.the others are good but I would have oc on my roof.ive been laying shingles for 36 yrs.


Owens corning Duration “sure nail” is the best!!
Check it!

They probably are the best for high wind.
But um, uh but um , they uh ——edited.

BP No experience
Malarkey is heavy and a hard shingle, depreciation starts at 5 to 7 years - good heavy shingle
Gaf Timberline about 240lb sq - 50 yr warranty if you install per warranty provisions, they do support it to.
Gaf Armor Shield IR4 rating, same 50 warranty, bulletproof, 4 colors, great heavy shingle
Certainteed Landmark, heavy 30yr shingle, very reliable, good colors, 50yr warranty with provisions for install, very good shingles
Certainties Northgate, IR4 shingles, very good shingles, good warranty my favorite by far.
Check insurance, most discount substantial for IR4 rating, for the life of shingles.
OC are good, little light, good install plan for shingles. Not a bad shingle, just not a favorite.
We have installed about 25k sqs of Gaf and 11k sqs of certainteed, use good ice guard, synthetic underlayment. Good luck

GAF Timberlines are around 195lbs/sq.

Roofers (even online) never agree on this subject…

We mostly agree on what is junk though.

According to the home depot guy…
Natural Shadow are 203 to 210lb per sq, Timberlines are typically 73 to 76 lbs per bundle, or about 220 to 230 a sq. Gaf does not bind itself to shingle weights like other manufacturers. I used to be a huge fan, until about 30 blow offs of natural shadow.

We are not installers, we are a construction management office, so I do not pickup shingles in my daily life. We provide production, insurance, contract management, and geotargeting market analysis services.

We have facilitated home owners and contractors on a couple thousand homes. So, please forgive if I was off a bit.

I was thinking, what is the home owners scope, is this insurance claim, where does he live? So it’s all kind of a shot in the dark. Also allegiance to brand is always a factor.


Thanks everyone.

The general gist of things seems to be malarkey or owens corning, depending on budget, then the rest are relatively interchangeable.

Appreciate the input and yes, it does seem like one of those things where people will never really agree on a consensus

I use Iko cambride or dynasty series, depending on color selection and budget. The dynasty series is a fantastic product with a kevlar nail strip and extra glue on the strips to ensure a tight seal that high winds will not remove. It also give room for nail placement error for a secure nailing area to nail to at 1-1/4 inch wide. Amazing!!. The all in all comparison from other name brands Iko does have the best warranty, that is iron clad, from dening coverage for 20 years covering everything including debris removal. All back by the manufacture, without paying for a price increase to a roifing contractor. Which is a rip off from other brands! I as a roofing pro, have used all name brands. As for the best value for the dollar, you can beat the benefits Iko offers when you compare. Also the installtion is crucial! I witness homeowners contractor shopping for the lowest price and this is the huge mistake. They bi-pass a certified roofing company with a brand of manufacture, to a basic contractor not cerified and the price is lower. Both having references, but not equally the same. This is why the consumer market is having and hearing all the problems. The roofer they hired is just a glorified handyman that installs shingles.
So Iko and other manufactures are all guilty for allowing this to happen. They all need to insist upon every purchase of materials must be matched with proper certifications before being able to purchase the products. Until this happens, the same issues will continue.

Gaf timberline hasn’t been anywhere near 240 in at least 20 years if ever. I don’t do alot of gaf but swear the bundles are lighter every time I do a gaf roof. Last one there starters were thinner than ventilated base sheet. Felt like 30# with granuals on them.

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GAF starters aren’t even tall enough to provide for a 2" headlap.


Yep, GAF is making their starter strip way too small.
The starter isnt tall enough
They have no idea what they are doing.
Even if i was installing GAF timberlines,
I would still order certainteed starter…

Atlas went the total different direction.
Atlas makes their starter so amazingly awesome and tall
That the first TWO runs of shingle rows goes through the starter shingle.

Atlas starters are great,. Have used them with grand manors before when supplier was out of certainteed. They are actually nicer and cheaper than the certainteed ones.

Raleigh roofers, do you really think the manufacturers would stop someone who isn’t certified to buy their products? They are in the market of selling material.
Certification doesn’t mean shit when it comes to quality installations, as I’m sure you know. Most manufacturers just check the guy has valid insurance.
It’s a crock, designed to create brand loyalty so you buy more of their junk


Certifications don’t mean jack. Most guys in my area who boast about certifications and upsell warrientys just turn around and sub the jobs out to whoever they can find. 6 nails vs 4 to get an extended warranty doesn’t mean anything if they arnt in the right place. Warranty are meaningless if flashing the flashing was Installed incorrectly or not replaced at all.

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