Re-decking ?s (cedar shake 1x6, radiant barrier, ridgevent)


I’m re-roofing my house in Texas. It is about ~2300 sqft including the garage and was built in 1977. It currently has asphalt shingles over Cedar shake on 1x6 slats evenly spaced on 2 ft centers. The only ventilation I have is 3 spinning turbines and a couple small gable end vents on the North and West ends of my house. The roof is L shaped.

I want to go back with Radiant barrier, 90’ of ridge vent and something for intake (soffits or edge vent, in-vent, smartvent?)… I don’t have much overhang to work with as one roofer said you can’t put soffit vents where windows are?

One roofer says that he thinks we need to leave every other slat for structural stability but that it will reduce the radiant barrier’s effectiveness to around 75-80% instead of 96%. I would like to have maximum efficiency and since he’s not going to be tearing off the whole roof at once (doing it in sections) is this really an issue? (or is it just more labor intensive so he doesn’t really want to) Another roofer said they always remove every slat.

So is removing every slat really a structural issue and what kind of intake should I go with?

Also, the shingles he is suggesting are Owens Corning Oakridge 30 yr. Ridge vent is GAF CobraVent II.


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