Re-roof: fascia and drip edge question

I am having my roof re-roofed with asphalt shingles. The builder installed a fascia cover (alum) with a 1" flange bend where the fascia meets the shingles. (The fasica profile looks like an “S”) I suppose this flange is to act as a drip edge. With my new roof I wanted a drip edge installed but the roofing contractor is installing the new drip edge over top of this flange. This flange is keeping the drip edge from butting flush against the fascia. I think this an incorrect installation -the flange should be cutoff first or the fascia be replaced. What do you think?

that sounds like a normal installation … if you dont want the drip metal to " kick out " then something else has to be done … i cant say to cut off the built in overhang because i am not there to see it… you are gonna have to make the call if to replace it with a fascia without kicker or not.

I see a lot of this fascias in mobile homes i just work with what i got… maybe you should consider a 1 or 1 1/12 face drip metal ??

He installed the gable over the garage before I stopped his worker. Now the contractor wants me to pay him extra to take off the drip edge he installed. Is that fair? He installed it wrong. How much does aluminum fascia cost per foot?

Can you post a picture?

Its doesn’t sound “wrong” to me. I see this sometimes when the roofer is also a sider.

But its your house, you have to live with it.

We have a screened porch too. The roof deck is T-111, plywood. The grooved side face to the inside of the porch and is painted. The roofer installed the shingles, now the nail-tips are poking thru the finished side and looks like hell. Can this be fix? Should the roofing contractor been aware of this potential problem before he started nailing? I am not sure where to go with this problem but it needs to be fixed but not sure the best way to fix.

t-1-11 open ceilin sounds like you mite live in florida.
hi im gweedo, and the nails pokin thru the ceilin are probably gonna have to happen. cause the nails have to penitrate all the way thru plywood(which is what t-1-11 is) in order to hold the shingles on properly. if your nailin into 1x plankin then you can get away with usin shorter nails and not actually penatratin all the way through the wood.
as far as the fasha cover and evedrip go.
theese are the most important things for the look of the roof.
its whats closest to you, its what you see the best.
so if the evedrip is not layin flat agaisnt the fasha and/or the furin strip
and looks like crap, then you dont have to pay for nothin.
tell em to tear it off and make it look like the rest of the neighborhoods
houses evedrip an fasha.

good luck.


so if the evedrip is not layin flat agaisnt the fasha and/or the furin strip
and looks like crap, then you dont have to pay for nothin.
tell em to tear it off and make it look like the rest of the neighborhoods
houses evedrip an fasha.

good luck.


gweedo if i understand correctly the fascia cover is probably metal and it has a design at the top that is basically a piece of metal sticking out kinda like the shingle overhang anout 3/4 inch … You cant get the metal tight against the fascia with that lip in the way unless you cut it… but if you cut it the fascia cover might loose its integrity …

I disagree and the roofer should get paid since he applied a proper installation. Is too late right now to fix it without opening an ugly can of worms since the roof is finished

I agree with QRFL

well i see fasha cover all the time down here (home depot sells it) and theres no lip to cut off. it slips rite underneath the evedrip. no lip, no lip
so im sorry but im not buyin it .
like i said if it looks like crap, and looks different than all the other houses in the neighborhood, you can tellem to make it look bettter.
now if thats all they have in their neighborhood and everbodys fasha cover has a lip, that ya cant cut off, and the evedrip sticks out, then ms higgledy’s roof is done.


gweedo, I agree with you for the most part. But I told the roofer that I wanted the lip removed or the fascia cover replaced and was willing to pay the roofer for his extra time and supplies. He still did not do it the way I wanted it done. He should have not bid. Correct?

He can bid it and if he did it the way is stated in the agreement is the main thing.

If you didnt like it… well thats another story he can try to fix it out of his courtesy but as long as the contract between you and him has been respected he didnt do anything wrong…

Personally thats why i didnt suggest cutting the fascia because it looks bad


He should have told you that he would not do it that way.

Listening is one thing that is not done alot between customer and contractor.

Why did you want the built in edging removed?

I wanted it removed because it is not true drip edge. It’s only purpose is cosmetic. I wanted a true drip edge to protect my decking but I wanted it to look good too.


In a sense it is not true drip edge.

With this style of edging the shingles should stick out past the metal about 3/4". This allows for the water to not flow back into the house.

With drip edge you cut the shingles off with the edge of the drip.

Did you have a problem with the last roof?

There are different practices in different areas. Are you native to the area you are in now?

I am not looking to talk you out of getting it installed the way you want it. It is your nouse. Just trying to give you insight why it was done that way. It is not wrong, just different.

ok im tryin to peace together yalls puzzle.
is this fasha cover meant to be used with no eve drip?
if thats the case and the h/o wants you to put evedrip on instead of just hangin the shingles over the edge, then you have to be a little smarter than the alum fasha cover and cut the lip off so the evedrip can lay flat against the fasha cover.

the fasha cover we in t.b. use is just a J channel that
doesnt come with a lip at the top for people who dont use eve drip.


what is the problem here? I don’t get it? I dont care what or why, the fascia is below my job and therefore extra if specified. If the roof is draining onto metal and it is properly ventilated (no ice dams) how is this a leak? the most basic roofing contract in the world will win this case for the contractor since the roof will serve its useful purpose. Aesthetics are a gratuity a contractor may supply you, but most likely you will pay for it. I personally think that so far you are getting too involved. No offense.

were im at when your done with the roof. the fasha up has to look good.
so if for whatever reason the fasha to evedrip relation doesnt look good,
you have to charge to fix fasha, so it will look good.
thats how it is in this neck of the woods.