Re-roof with ridge vent leak

First, what a cool site, a real benefit to non-roofers like myself.

Second, if anyone has some feedback, it would be greatly appreciated:

I’m about to close on a house in Florida - it has a ridge vent leak that was supposed to have been repaired post-hurricane Charley. Alas, the inspection showed it is still leaking. However in addition, the house needs a new roof (no “damage”, just old)

Per the re-roof, do y’all know how long the process is to get a contractor and permitting and eventual construction? (I realize it is probably different by area, but anyone with FL knowledge would be great)

My main issue is do I need to replace the ridge vent in the short-term if getting a new roof will take a long time? Or can I delay the ridge vent leak until I get a new roof on?


I would not wait to get the repair. Any time you do that you pose the risk of damaging alot of other things. There are a couple of guys from that state that can help you more than i can. But either way get the repair done now.