Re roofs suck

I used to do reroofs when I was 16 but now wont go near one. New roofs are much easier.

Canadians Suck!

they maybe easier but what do you get a square?$30 ? i can get upwords of $700/sq doing reroofs. so go ahead and leave them all to me :twisted:

Afraid of a little hard work are we?

your fired,you lazy canuck

The reason I hate reroofs is because in most cases the metal is all wrong.Most of the time the metal that is put on has major flaws. When putting on new shingle the metal work is too old to even fit right so you have no garanttee the metal is going to be efficient for water to flow right off. Many times ive been on reroof and been amazed they never leaked. The jobs are almost alway messy and you come home to your wife looking like a scrub. I just dont see the point, Yeah they make money but on new roofs atleast you know your metal is going to work and you can atleast walk into a store not looking like a homless man.
For me its alot easier. You set up your tools once put on the paper, the valley metal and then you just bust up the roof. If your good at it you still make as much and even more than reroofers.
All the tools you need to do a new roof is your compressor, hoses, nailer, staplers,staples, calking gun, nails, safty line, safty harness, chalkline, vents, goosnecks, plumbing stack and somtimes ice and water shield and a radio.
In re roofs you need all of that and
bins, tarps, rippers, and in most cases need repair metal work.
And how much do bins cost. in new roofs bins are provided by the home builder. I just dont see the point.
Im candian and proud of it so what.

If youre re roofing and using the old metal you arent reroofing. You change everything, thats your problem. What do you tell your customer oh well thats the old roof thats still leaking not the new one I just put on??

No wonder your the fastest… youve been doing it all wrong.

So still what you are saying is your afraid of hard work. Hey whats with reusing the metal? Last i checked you have to replace all that.

he’s still fired!!

What do you do when the customer is a insurance adjuster and wont pay to put new metal on. Most houses I do Are all upperclass houses. They range from 500 thou to 2 million dollar homes. Usually they only being re roofed becuase community by laws. when all the roofs in a community are shake they all have to be shake.there cant be just one house with shingle. The reason these houses are being reroofed is becuase the community thought it would be better to use shingles instead of shake. So the whole community is being changed and all contracts are going through a insurance adjuster. When a insurance adjuster has to do all these reroofs they are going to do it a the cheapest rate possible. So in the end we the roofer are the ones to pay for the metal. Am I going to pay thousands to pay for stucco repair on 30 houses. in order to get the matal out without damging the stucco you have to be really delacate. 98 percent of the time the metal is nailed to the wall so damage is going to happen enyway. insurance adjusters dont see that point. all they know is the roof has to be changed from shake to shingle. reroofing a house that is stucco is very delicate. Especially when you are ripping off shake. Most of these houses had multiple skylights in sizes ranging from 2 by 6 to 10 by ten. The insurance ajusters are not going to pay for these thing but they need the job to get done. So what do you do. Turn you back on 300 000 dollars of work that we can have done in two months. I dont think so. I know that it may not be the wisest thing to do but in the end if we do are job right there wont be a problem. Sure if they paid us to put new metal on no proble. But when it comes out of my own pocket. fuck that noise.
When it comes to re roof contracts that I usually get, it is the insurance that pays me. not the homeowner. And the insurance only pays so much. insurtance adjuster dont know what is really need ta make aroof water tight and wont pay out to make it right.
Like I said before, going through all the trouble to get this money is just a pain in the ass. Yeah the money is good when the home owner pays you straight out but where im from that is a rare occurance.
Why dont you try reroofing a million dollar house with stucco, brick, and shake. Try ripping off the shake and the metal without damaging the stucco and brick. If you can do it and put new metal in after all that your still going to have to deal with the inch and ahalf diffrence in metal exposure. Are you going to pay for the stucco repair cuase the insurance adjuster wont. Nor the metal. And if you tell him you cant do it that way, hell just go and het a slack ass roofing company to do it half ass. and keep in mind that all the contracts all tallyed up will bring your crew in more than 300 000 thousand.
I might be lazy but I sure aint stupid.

your still fired!!!

i had an insurance adjuster tell me that i could do a 16/12 cedar shake and 2 layers of asphault tear off, with about 8 valleys and hips. for $3000…what a jack@ss, i couldnt even cover materials and dump for that. so needless to say the homeowners ceilings fell in and they are still this way 7 months later.

Thats what you get for living in a socialist state. I thought you said you havent done reroofing since you were 16. You couldnt be managing 300000 dollar contracts when you were 16. :?

Now you fastest roofer status looks even more suspicious :roll:

i got a feeling the only thing this guy is fast with are excuses…my compressor broke,these shingle suck,my nail gun is worn out ,it was too windy…hes just plain ol fired!!!

[quote=“cowboy”]Thats what you get for living in a socialist state. I thought you said you havent done reroofing since you were 16. You couldnt be managing 300000 dollar contracts when you were 16. :?

Now you fastest roofer status looks even more suspicious :roll:[/quote]

Yup, ya got me Im a secret agent for the INTERNATIONAL ROOFING ASSOCIATION.
For one thing get a better qoute. YOUR FIRED. Come on how origanal can you be. You do know that everytime you use that line you owe donald trump some royalty money.
Anyways back on topic When I was 16 I started roofing with my uncle. Reroofing of course. Ive been doing it ever since. I am now 21 years young. I know everything there is to know about shingle roofs. Ive done them all. 16/12 3 story houses to 6/12 t locks. Everthing. Personally I never done a reroof since i was 16. Like I said they suck. Im at the point where i dont have to do the shit work anymore. I been there done that.
For every roofer there is point in your career when you say. I dont want to work for this asshole anymore. All he does is sit in his truck bullshiting all day while im busting my ass getting the job done. There is alot that has to be done when roofing a house. But there is not much more to it running a roofing business. When times get tough you get on the roof yourself. and do the work yourself. from that you progress. Use the money you make not the money you can get. Dont go out and buy a loading truck with the money the bank gave you. Buy it with the money you make. Pay the workers with the money they make. If there is no money for you at the end of the day you get your ass on the roof to. I never liked the boss that sits his fat ass i the truck all day while my my nailer is shooting like its world war three. That just aint me. Ive been a roofer and felt everthing there is to be fel. Done every dead spot there is to do. Worked harded then hard. Like I said ive done it all. Im just not dumb enough to keep on doing it. So when it came my turn to be boss I done the opposite of my prior bosses have done. I got on the roof , but the roof i got on were the new roofs. That was my choice and I have the freedom to make that choice.In every career ther is a ladder. But in the ladder ends at the guy who does the repairs. The drop offs. the pick ups. So i just got off of that ladder and did all on my own my. The top of the roofing business is the owner.
In the end thats all what we wanna be.
So like i said before Shut up with your “Your fired”. Its lame. It gives me the lame chills everytime i hear it.

i was tellin lazy boys like you that phrase before trump made his first dollar.i started roofin @age 10 luggin pitch for my grandfather.i am now 54.i am at the age where i just laugh and tell wet behind the ears kids such as yourself that lame old it up kid you only have 44 more yrs to go.oh yea im sorry you cant be fired because you would have never been hired…no experience…

you do sound kinda lame when you say the boss should get on the roof…if i get on the roof, then why do i need you (employee) isnt that your job? dont get me wrong i do roof, but not alot…because in order to stay successful & keep the paychecks coming i have a business to run.

5 years experience? Boy you gotta long way to go. So when you were 16 you didnt now anything about roofing, in fact it probably cost your boss to keep you. In your second year you were most likely just flippin and loadin. So that make 3 years at best as any kind of roofer. Youre popin off like you have seen it all… you aint seen jack @&!%.
Go clean your room!

i had to delete my post… thought it was directed at me…carry on

I work for two diffrent companys and they are both trying to get me to work for them so id have to say im doing alright for a colledge drop out. You may bicker back but my check stub says otherwise.