Re using metal on a re roof

What do you do when the customer is a insurance adjuster and wont pay to put new metal on. Most houses I do Are all upperclass houses. They range from 500 thou to 2 million dollar homes. Usually they only being re roofed becuase community by laws. when all the roofs in a community are shake they all have to be shake.there cant be just one house with shingle. The reason these houses are being reroofed is becuase the community thought it would be better to use shingles instead of shake. So the whole community is being changed and all contracts are going through a insurance adjuster. When a insurance adjuster has to do all these reroofs they are going to do it a the cheapest rate possible. So in the end we the roofer are the ones to pay for the metal. Am I going to pay thousands to pay for stucco repair on 30 houses. in order to get the matal out without damging the stucco you have to be really delacate. 98 percent of the time the metal is nailed to the wall so damage is going to happen enyway. insurance adjusters dont see that point. all they know is the roof has to be changed from shake to shingle. reroofing a house that is stucco is very delicate. Especially when you are ripping off shake. Most of these houses had multiple skylights in sizes ranging from 2 by 6 to 10 by ten. The insurance ajusters are not going to pay for these thing but they need the job to get done. So what do you do. Turn you back on 300 000 dollars of work that we can have done in two months. I dont think so. I know that it may not be the wisest thing to do but in the end if we do are job right there wont be a problem. Sure if they paid us to put new metal on no proble. But when it comes out of my own pocket. !@#$ that noise.
When it comes to re roof contracts that I usually get, it is the insurance that pays me. not the homeowner. And the insurance only pays so much. insurtance adjuster dont know what is really need ta make aroof water tight and wont pay out to make it right.
Like I said before, going through all the trouble to get this money is just a pain in the ass. Yeah the money is good when the home owner pays you straight out but where im from that is a rare occurance.
Why dont you try reroofing a million dollar house with stucco, brick, and shake. Try ripping off the shake and the metal without damaging the stucco and brick. If you can do it and put new metal in after all that your still going to have to deal with the inch and ahalf diffrence in metal exposure. Are you going to pay for the stucco repair cuase the insurance adjuster wont. Nor the metal. And if you tell him you cant do it that way, hell just go and het a slack ass roofing company to do it half ass. and keep in mind that all the contracts all tallyed up will bring your crew in more than 300 000 thousand.
tell me you wouldnt do it my way and id say your either really rich and stupid.
I might be lazy but I sure aint stupid.

sounds like you answered your on question i would do the jobs if their was enough profit . the insurance company should have to replace the roofs with equal or greater value of the existing roof so the home owner should have money left over . you can also supplement them for extra cost accord when doing the job such as flashing decking etc.

yeah I know that but the insurace guy is a insurance guy. They wont pay you or anyone else for something that i not absolutly neccasary. And i mean absolutly neccasary If dont do the job a slack ass will.

yeah i know what you mean when its slow i bid jobs for contractors i don’t even like to do jobs for just to keep the guys busy and money coming in.

I have always beileved that doing a job right is the only way to do it. I have never had a real problem getting an insurance company to replace what is needed to protect the home. But hey im a salesman and i deal with them on a weekly basis. Thing might be different in Canada but here they have no problems doing a COMPLETE job.

The thing about those contract was that were homes that were only a year old so the cost of the roofs plus the reroofs were costing the builder and the insurance company alot of money.Possibly millions. We were not the only roofing company out there . There was about three diffrent companys out there and they all got the same answere. When in the first place the roofs should have been done in ashphalt shingle when they were done in shake. Honestly I dont know the exact reason why the change was made but it didnt really matter to me. Your guess is as good as mine.