Reasonable price for a nail over roof

What is an average per square price for a 14 square nail over with 2 dormers 6/12 pitch.
I am usually the one doing the labor not the pricing.I have an opportunity for a side job and don’t want to over shoot.

Materials are probably going to run you $100 per square. You’re providing the labor, so just add to that materials cost per square x number of squares. I refuse to do a shingle over so I can’t help much more than that. I’m guessing, you should be able to get $200 per SQ or a bit more.

There are so many parts to this question. For one, we also refuse
to do recovers. Why do a roof when you can’t even see the condition of the sheathing? To do a proper recover you need to cut back edges to install drip, pull jacks and shim low spots, address flashing around dormer, etc. Isn’t it easier to just tear off the 14 square? The other variable is are you doing this without a license or liability insurance? Is anyone helping you “under the table?” I’m not judging because most of us have probably done plenty of side jobs prior to being licensed and bonded. However, it does reduce the price you can expect to charge not having those expenses.

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I would really rather tear off and start from scratch my self .I don’t have a license yet like i said im normally the one doing the labor .not the estimates.

Thank you guys for your feed back tho

How many days do you plan for it to take? Who will be helping you?

No more than 2 days my son will probably help me .

$1000 weekend would be nice to come home with. How much for your son?

The harder he works the better i pay him
.if it takes 2 days probably 200$ -225$

$1500 plus your material and you are good to go. Do you have a plan to get rid of the debris?