Recent Roofwork Done - Just looking for some advice/insight

Hey Everyone,

My mother recently had some roofing work done and we are concerned about the quality of the work we have received. I’m currently in the process of taking as many photos as I can, and formalizing some official complaints.

Would any of you mind having a look at the image provided and see if there are any glaring signs of poor craftsmanship? I’d really appreciate it.

www . imgur . com /a/BtJx9

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Still nothing.If you want email me a couple and I will post them for you.

Here are the photos.

The link works, guys. Just remove the extra spaces in between.

in the 2nd pic, the flashing is wrong…should be under siding and should be step flashing…and it looks like chit at the corner also…

I would say the wall is flashed under the shingles, looks like the vinyl crew added a flashing over the shingles when it was sided.That flashing is behind the siding as i can see the j channel in the pic, nobody can make a proper inspection in these photos and it wouldnt be fair to the contractor to randomly post on here.

Thanks Demon,To the O.P I apologize but By the time the pix were sent I was wrapped up in a thing called roofing.

Pic 1- Looks like at your time of roof replacement your roof had 2-3 layers.At one time there was a leak and someone put some silly cone on the J channel where it meets the shingles.

The J is pretty high off the roof deck but other than your roofer not cleaning the J its not really his problem as long as he made you aware of the height difference from the J to the roof deck prior to roof replacement.That’s truly typical with multiple roof replacement.

The siding is scuffed from the tear off.Karnak and Tamko as well as others make a product that remove those scufs from the siding/J channel…That should have been cleaned before the job was considered “Complete”.

Also the siding installers cut the J channel wrong and some of the siding is cut @ the wrong angle.Hopefully they installed new step flashing @ the wall.Reroofs IMPO should have every component on the roof system replaced with new.

The drip edge has an inappropriate wrap/cut transitioning from one gutter line/angle to another.Your fascia wrap has an improper wrap.If the transition from one fascia to another is not wrapped with fascia wrap your installers should have at least putt a corner/butt cap on it.You should have had an apron for the slope where it meets the wall.

Pic 2- That external flashing thing looks like crap.As its been indicated the correct installation IMPO is for each INDIVIDUAL shingle should have its OWN piece of step flashing.

I am not real happy with the height of the corner post but once again if your contractor made you aware of the height difference then its not his problem.Corner posts that are high off the roof deck as yours is ,well that indicates multiple layers.

The nail head below the corner post is pointless but nonetheless should have been sealed.IMPO the aprons should not have nails blasted into it.Its very simple to make clips that are fastened under the apron and flipped over the apron eliminating exposed fasteners.They should have sealed the nail heads.

I think that deuce (2) elbow off the down spout that goes into the gutter looks like pooh.A single bend elbow is what’s needs.The water has to have as much ability to travel down un abstructed as possible.

That gutter elbow that comes out of the gutters is absolutely insane.It going out and over the gutters.That one is not even in the gutter but up and out.I can say this though,Thersi is no way that siding was installed after roof replacement.


I greatly appreciate every one of the informative read on I most certainly will spread the phrase about your site with people. Cheers. Best regards!

Thanks for uploading the pics of your newly constructed roofs. After having a view at the new constructed roofs, i must say that roof has been well constructed. But , i just want you to have a look at the 2nd picture of the roof. The 2nd picture shows to much of external flashing which is not looking good. Therefore, if you feel that it must be corrected you can talk to your contractor who constructed your roof.

Pic #1 - Clearly a siding repair. Some roofers could fix. Not the roofers fault.

Pic # 2 - Was I the only one who zoomed in with the smart phone and saw the bumpy wood up the wall?!? When I see the extra wall flashing from the siders I think; these guys really wanted to keep water away from this wall. They could be over thinking with it acting as a double j channel, or something is wrong with the wall flashing and they can’t fix it. Either way it doesn’t look right and makes the roofing work harder.

Pic # 3 - Am I looking at where the roofing and rake metal meet and there is a gap? See response to pic #1

I see nothing wrong done by the roofers.
the extra flashing installed by the vinyl siders is strange in pic 2.

I HATE vinyl siding installed OVER a living area.
Vinyl siding should be kept on the side of a house but not over a house only because the installers are not roofers and almost always do it wrong.

edit… Seal the exposed fastener at the wall corner.