Recently purhcased home with roofing issues

We bought a older home that had been remodeled. One of the largest issues is the shingle roof which butts right into a steel porch roof wicks water ungodly bad back into the home walls.

We tried, foaming between the steel and the underside of the roof and then adding a 20 inch flashing but it still does not help.

This is the initial look of the steel roof construction across the entire front of the house.

Original Roof Construction view. Before any changes at all. Right side of the roof.

Left side of the roof. After we removed the dryrotted foam that was not helping stop water and used foam to fill the gaps.

Right side after we foamed’ and added 20 inch flashing.

Left side after we foamed and added 20 inch flashing.

On the Left side, right where the peak hits the other roof and at the furthest edge near the drop off to the ground it leaks/wicks water back into the house.

I couldn’t get the DropBox file, but just reading your description I would say that the 16" flashing is installed wrong…should be installed UNDER the felt underlayment and run out onto the metal roof. You could have a leak further up on the roof that is running down the felt. Check penetrations. I would assume that the metal roof is a low slope roof (meaing it is 2:12 or less slope) which could cause water to be wind driven under the flashing. Slapping mastic in/under/around penetrations doesn’t always make for a water tight connection.

No idea why a caulking gun was used. :shock: That’s causing many more issues. lots more!

The lower edge of the metal gets held in place with metal clips ONLY, attached well under the new metal by screws on attached to the tops of the seams.

The gaskets on that exposed fastener metal roofing are likely shot. You have a mess on your hands. :shock:

Some things just aren’t meant to be done by DIY’s. You need to hire a pro. Unfortunately there are more idiot’s than pro’s out there. I’m not calling you an idiot personally. Anyone who tries to fix things themselves has my respect just for being willing. If you called me to bid this project, I would have bid to remove all the metal panels, install all new plywood if it’s not already solidly decked, install a low slope rubber membrane roof system and do a proper tie in to the main house roof. There also appears to be some cracks in the wood siding. Hard blowing rain can be driven into the siding, run down it and leak. The siding would have to be sealed up or replaced as well.

I can foresee water running down the shingles, UNDER that strip of metal, and getting trapped by the mastic I’m sure you put under the metal. So the water will sit there, and rot.

As other said, the metal should have gone under the first two rows of shingles and underlay, and then on top of your metal roof, with no mastic needed. It’s a simple fix for a “Roofer”, a nightmare for a DIYer, sorry.