Reclaimed Ludowici Clay Roofing Tiles - where to sell?

We put a new roof on our house (New Orleans) and in the process took down and saved the old Ludowici Clay Roofing Tiles and Ridge Caps.

Two different types: 14" Interlocking and 16" Flat. (The style indicated on the back of the interlocking is “English Shingle”). Also, 37 ridge caps for each of the different sizes/types.

Can you recommend who might buy them? I tried Craigslist a while back and also connected with The Roof, Tile and Slate Co. who said they’d buy them but then flaked out. I was thinking to sell them for $2 a piece, which I think is a great price, no?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


I bet your local wholesaler gets calls on old tiles and could help you move them for more then $2 per. Letting them no what you got couldn’t hurt . P.S. not sure what tiles they got but the biggest roofing company in town sells slate tiles at $15 a pop

Thanks! I will see if I can find another wholesaler.

Thanks for the advise on the price, too. I’ll keep that in mind when I am talking to potential buyers.