Recommeded Nails for Tamko Heritage Architectural shingles

I am currently using 1 1/4" nails in my nail gun and I was wondering if this will be okay for Tamko Heritage Architectural shingles? I looked under the deck after shooting a couple of nails and it seemed to pass through about 1/4" beyond the plywood. In addition, I plan on hand nailing the roof caps and I was wondering if I should go with a 1 1/2" or a 1 3/4" or 2" roofing nail?

-My nail gun.
Which PSI should I use for this?

1-1/4 is fine. It should penetrate the deck, a minimum of 1/4". As for the pressure, just set it and see how it sets. When I’m not hand nailing, my Rolair holds a good line pressure, even with 4 guns.

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Sounds good. What would you recommend for doing the roof caps 1 1/2" or a 1 3/4" or 2" roofing nail?

1 1/4 yes, same ones.

Right on. Thanks again

Are the caps the laminated ones? 2 or 3 layers thick? 1 1/2 would be a good idea for those. Your pressure will depend on the temperature, less psi when hot to prevent over driving

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Nail length depends on decking thickness 1 1/4 good for 3/8-1/2 plywood, 1 1/2 for 5/8-3/4 Deck. 1 1/2 minimum for hips without ridge cap. 2 1/2 minimum for ridge cap

Thanks everyone for your help.

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We use 1 1/4 for plywood and 1x decking.
Yes , use 1 1/2 if using multi ply cap shingles over 1x decking.
Take note that All Tamko cap shingles are single ply.


Right on thanks! So with the Tamko single ply cap shingles 1 1/4 should be okay?

Yep, those are fine. Roof away.

I imagine that i am going to be removing my own roof 20 years from now.
I prepare the homeowner upfront.
I definitely am not wanting to remove a whole roof full of 6 nailed 1 1/2. Hell no!!
I would rather die.

But yeah good point, and needs to be brought up, if you are installing high def cap
You need the 1 1/2 for sure.
Sometimes even bigger if you want to get super high def. :):grinning:
I just want to encourage anyone reading this in the future to make sure they only use 1 1/4
In the field no matter what.

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You brought up a lot of good points. It would be a pain to remove all those large nails off a roof. I think putting in smaller nails and not roofing the entire roof with Grace Ice And Water shield would be a courtesy to the person that has to tear off the roof.

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We’ve started to cover the I+W with underlay, after learning how hard it is to remove shingles that have gotten welded to it. After 30yrs roofing in the same town, there’s quite a few houses I’ve done twice now.


I’ve heard putting underlayment over I + W also helps to add traction.

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Depends on the brand, some is slick, some gums up your shoes when hot and some is decent to walk on.

On shingles it is not normally necessary if only doing 36" along the eave. Sometimes if it’s going to be walked on a lot when it’s hot we throw a piece of felt over a section for safety and to prevent it from getting all tore up.

On slate and tile I always cover the shield with felt to prevent the roofing material from sticking and making repairs difficult.

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