Recommendations for painting roof

The roof in question was originally painted with Silver Dollar fibered roof coating. It was later painted with an oil based roofing paint green in color. Some of the green oil based paint is peeling in a few areas and I am now in the progress of scraping and sanding blistering and peeling areas. I’m curious to know if perhaps a good quality 100% acrylic latex could be used to paint roof or should I stick with the oil base? The mornings are kinda cool and the nights are getting cooler and I thought a latex would certainly have an ample opportunity to adhere and dry more thoroughly than perhaps the oil base however I’m not certain of the feasibility of the idea. The green oil base paint was put on last year in the late fall and only the west side of the house lacks peeling. I’m assuming the oil base simply didn’t dry thoroughly due to the shorter time frames of acceptable temperatures during that period. Could latex be used or perhaps some other product? Thanks so much for your advice!

Roof planks need to breathe and release moisture at least on one side.