Redneck roofer

I read something funny that I thought would entertain you guys. This guy sealed his leaky roof with concrete! … ber=861903

Lol. It doesn’t suprise me. It also wouldn’t suprise me if the poster himself heard the term “roofing cement” and tried it and was looking for a response for its ridiculousness.


I thought I had heard and seen it all when one of my customers had tried to repair their metal roof with Bondo.


Do you have a picture?

Whats the difference if you pour the concrete on the ground an make a tile. Or carry it up wet and make the tile up there.

Sounds like it would work.

heres one of the few tricks i let out.portland cement can quickly seal a leak very well on both bur and most modifieds.this is especially nice in a downpour. and the leak is bad.