Remaining competitive during extremely difficult economic times

Use IKO or BP shingles. No perimeter flashing, use garbage no caulk pipe flashings, use electro galvanized nails that rust, plastic vents ( I like the ‘nifty fifty’ ) type, reuse step flashings, no more W valley metal, and most importantly use moderately skilled at best installers and pay them low piecework. In other words do it like Tileman.

Maybe you should take a couple midol and pound a tampon up your rectum…


D-bag. There are several pros that take their time to try to help people understand roofing issues, and then there is you.

I apologize in advance for even responding to your post.

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Our Resident Cowboy Roofer is back with a new account! The world is saved now that this shingle slingin cow hand is on the job! Everyone just sit back and watch how he does it. Fastest turds in the west.

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It’s “difficult economic times”? I guess I missed that. Must be only the hacks that are experiencing that.


Sounds like you need to get out of the business before you give us all a bad name. F#%&$@g idiot

Man, what set this guy off?

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Didn’t take the time to build credibility and was dictatorial from the onset, regardless of its username. Came in implying everyone is stupid and deflects any self legitimizing details because anonymity shields his/her/it’s behaviour. It seeks alliances, and when none are found, it disappears except to piss on the carpet every now and then.

Interacting with real life people is always challenging and an online forum must simply be impossible for such an entity. I would wager “real life” has been hard on this person due to this emotional handicap.

Really is sad being that isolated. Maybe we could add a “Dox” button and strip away a portion of a troll’s anonymity when they are like this. This would be a tangible and looming consequence…


Summertime… slapping skeeters.

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