Removal of solar powered Roof attic fans?

Recently got the roof replacement done and part of the insurance payment covered removal and replacement of (2) Solar powered attic fans. I am not even sure both are working (1 has been making a horrendous noise- contacted the manufacture and they sent me a pair of replacement motor brushes) and the other I can’t verify. They are from U.S. Sunlight and not sure of the age (can be 20 years old). Anyway I found out it is almost impossible to get access from the attic to replace the brushes.

My home is a 1.5 story house with the upper story being finished attic space (~1200 sq feet) as it is despite updated insulation and HVAC it gets hot up in the living space and much hotter in the unfinished attic (In NC) as expected. Besides the (2) solar vents there is ridge and soffit vents and (2) turtle vents for bathroom exhaust fans.

Was looking for any opinions if these attic fans really did anything or should I pay to have them replaced with something else like turbine vents or? Thanks.

I too have been interested in Solar powered attic fans but I’ve also been reluctant to jump aboard because it’s just another gizmo that over-complicates something ridiculously simple. I also like the “concept” of turbines but now shy away from them on our installations because the bearings seem to fail, seize, squeak and squeal in the middle of a cold winter. For ventilation, the dumber the component, the more reliable it is IMO. Duraflo makes cupola style vents as does Ventilation Maximum. There are other versions of robust vents which are “powerless” and meant as an alternative to turbines. If you have an adequately functional airflow exchange throughout the attic, I’d steer you toward something which is not reliant upon power. If however you do decide on the turbine, seek out an external framed model with durable bearings. Years ago, I had sourced the galvanized ones used by our National Park service and built to withstand a meteor impact. Good luck!

I’ve replaced motors in the A/C fans. If there is a way to get to the brushes, it should be from the roof. There were 4 fasteners on the A/C fans.

If you have a 20yr old solar fan, get rid of it. Tech that old is garbage. Atticbreeze, in Texas makes a good fan, but you’ll spend $700 a piece. My opinion.

You should not have attic fans and passive ventilation systems unless there is a lot of separation between the two.


I was wondering if they even did anything. Guessing the previous owner had them installed to try to help with the attic heat and to take some load off the hvac in the finished space. They are several feet from the ridge vent. I will keep the one disconnected and attempt to access the other one. Wish I had them removed prior to the new roof install. Thanks