Rent license?

i have a friend who has been renting his license for a while. Its a bit slow here in florida and i was thinking of doing this, is this really worth it? I know i need salesmen and there hard to find but i really dont know if slowness means take the opportunity to find a good guy and rent the license, what do you guys think.

What do you guys think

If it’s that slow what makes you think someone else will do better?

I’m in S.W. florida and I’ve never seen it this bad.
However during times like this the weaker roofers will go out of business, then when the market picks back up the remaining contractors will have plenty of work. I have seen several roofers already close up shop in my area. JMHO



Thats a very true statement james.

sounds like someone should have stashed away some of that hurricane money a while back

no not like that but my friend is making 12 g’s a month just renting his license. r u tough guy

It sounds a little unethical and dishonest to me.
Why any would a good roofer whore out his good name for a few dollars ?? Maybe that answers the question.

good point but its not a few dollars its 144k per year

What happens in a few years when the renter is long gone and all those roofs put on by subs without supervision begin to fail, Whos is going to fix those?

Wouldn’t this come back on you, the license holder?

or he bankrolls some huge jobs then skips town leaving your “friend” holding the bag.

John, any replies on your ad yet?