Repair metric shingles with standard shingles

Hello Roofers,

I am looking to repair and area of my roof. It is a manufactured home.There is buckling along the row of shingles where the three portions of home were put together.(2 seams) I removed a couple of shingles and I can see metal flashing over the seam area. The flashing has buckled which in turn has buckled the shingles, The shingles on the house are metric. I live in Utah and am having a difficult time finding metric shingles in the color and style I have. I have three tab in Owens Corning Driftwood color. It seems Owens Corning is no longer making three tab in metric. Is is possible to use standard shingles to repair the couple of rows that need repair? Should I replace the metal flashing or try and nail down the existing flashing? I am pretty handy around the house and have done many projects. Is this something I should try or get a roofer? Any suggestions would be appreciated.


If you are carefull enough you should be able to remove the shingles and still be able to reinstall them. That’s what I would do in that situation and also I would nail the metal down rather than replacing it. It should be moderate level diy job.

I would try to straighten the flashing,install ice and water shield over the area and as long as your seams dont line up(The ends of your shingles)you can repair with regular shingles.Cut to size the ones that dont mate exactly where you butt up to the metric shingles.Sounds harder than it is!!!

Thanks, great advice. Didn’t even think about saving them. They aren’t very old so that is a great idea.

I will check out the shape of the flashing more as I remove more of the shingles. I will get some regular shingles just in case I can’t save them all and do some cuts as you suggested. Thanks guys for your advice. Really appreciate you.

Thanks again.

This shingles are 3 tabs. If they were dimensional then what you were describing would work. There is no proper way to replace metric 3 tabs with imperial 3 tabs (although the other way around you can make work) without having big gaps.

IKO & Malarkey 3-tabs are metric.

Oc sells metric 3tab in my market. I would rather use a different brands proper sized 3 tab than some too small ones.
Iko driftwood is pretty close to oc

I hear you. I did find some metric local, but couldn’t find anything close in color.