Repairman Pay Advice Needed ASAP!

I am going to be hiring a repairman and need as much advice as possible on what is fair and decent pay. I would like to know what attractive qualities in a company a repairman would look for and what is acceptable and unacceptable to him. I would also like to know what is considered fair as far as terms of pay. Is it best to give a gas allowance and set an hourly pay? Or raise the hourly pay to include gas? If so, what is an average hourly rate for both circumstances? Or do repairmen prefer to be paid according to job?
What can I expect as far as how much work an average individual is capable of outputting in a week? What can I expect to include in the repairman’s job duties and responsibilities? Especially as far as warrantying his work quality? What can a repairman expect of his empoyer?

Thank you!


How would you give him a gas allowance?

If you include gas as part of the pay, you have to pay workmans compensation insurance on any money paid him as wages.

Needs to be able to talk to customers. Do paperwork.

Have you ever done repairs? There is no way to figure how much work he can get done. You can go to fix a leak. It could take 2 hours or 2 days. You get there and the things you need are not on the truck. You need to run and get them. You bill the customer for this. This puts off one repair till the next day. That is the nature of repairs. He needs to bring in so much money a day. Anything over that he gets a bonus.

Some jobs are bid. Some jobs are sold over the phone Time and Materials. We give them an amount say $500 if it will exceed that we will call for an okay. The repairman needs to be able to estimate the cost of the job.