Replace Cemesto Decking?

what can you use to replace cemesto decking

What is cemesto decking?

Here is what a Google search revealed.
It is a building panel made with and or where asbestos building products were assembled.

So if you are confronted with this material don’t tear it out or disturb it.

Yes I read this also, I know what it is, but we are needing to replace damaged decking and I need to know what you would use to use to repair and then encapsulate with new roofing.

Upload a photo or photos of the repair area.

I can’t do that at this time. We have not started the project, and it will be a need to know before we start kind of deal.
I have researched this and the internet does not have much to say about these Cemesto decks other than all the lawsuits (asbestos) and retro articles. I can’t find anything talking about how to repair it.

We call an abatement company to handle it.

There is no way to repair it without disturbing and causing personal harm.

Attempting to repair will result in the fibers being set into the air entering lungs or getting on clothing and being transported to business and home to the central air and washer dryer exposing extended co-workers and their families to the danger.

We realize that an abatement team needs to be in place, but after they remove damaged and encapsulates or what ever they do, we are just trying to figure out what is the best course of action/material to repair/prepare the roof for the reroofing. What material is best?? In 20 years of roofing, we have never run into this kind of decking, so we are trying to make an informed decision.

O M G…I’ll bet this was a WW2 job when wood was hard to come by. Why not just replace panels with 1-1/8" plywood? There is no way you are going to match the existing, so have the abatement company remove the damaged panels and move on. There are coatings that can encapsulate the asbestos by Andek but frankly, the entire roof should be removed and replaced. Your liability, as mentioned, will be sky high if you leave any of the existing material.