Replace/repair drip edge?

I just had a new roof installed and am wondering if this drip edge is proper or if I should have the roofer come back. On the right side, there is over a 1 inch gap between the drip edge and the wood underneath. On the front middle part, the drip edge doesn’t lie flat - it looks like the drip edge is warped. Is this something the roofer should fix or am I being too picky? This is a GAF “Golden Pledge Roof” and I hired the most expensive roofer because they had the best reviews. This tiny roof section is over french doors and used to be cedar shakes and was replaced with asphalt shingles. (The peeling paint will be scraped & repainted)

more pics

another pic

I’ve seen worse but that is pretty sloppy. I’d ask them to come back and clean it up.


I would get the contractor back there to replace the drip edge. It looks like they just rushed it to get it done fast. idk why its fairly inexpensive to replace drip edge get them on the phone and replace the poor work.

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It may be the way it is because there isn’t much to nail into, they probably should have used 2" drip.

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It is looking really messy. You definitely ask them to come back. I think they were in hurry :-p

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Due to the super steepness if the roof they needed to use the small face aluminum drip which is very flexible and it looks just fine for this application.
I wouldnt have used that color… but

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I know it is an offtopic but how old is the house?

I think the 80s. Why do you ask?

UPDATE & NEW QUESTION: The roofers came back and fixed the drip edge by cutting off the bottom 1 inch of the drip edge and then nailing a new drip edge on top of top of the underlayment (right word? The previous drip edge was installed under the underlayment. The new one is now on top of everything except the shingles) The drip edge now looks ok, but I’m wondering if the repair was done properly. Cutting the bottom off a drip edge and sticking a new one on top doesn’t seem right right. What problems may happen from an improper drip edge? Leaks? Wood rot below the drip edge?

GAF sent a questionaire asking if there are issues. Is this something I should mention?

I’d hate to have them redo it “properly” if it will look shoddy, but I don’t want any issues with the roof. Thanks for you advice and opinions!!

That is not how I would have replaced it, but no, there shouldn’t be any issues. If there are leaks then you have more wrong than your drip edge.

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