Replace wood shake with dimensional

Hello. I’m a first time post. I live in Phoenix Arizona. I have a 2400 square foot home with a 16 year old wood shake roof.Ranch style pitched roof. It is trashed and needs to be torn off and replaced. I do not want to replace it with wood shake.I had a bid to tear it off and replace it with a dimensional asphalt shingle. They say it will need “52 squares”. total price about $10,500. They tell me if I tear it off myself, I can save about $3000.Good idea or bad? Now to throw a wrench into this unaffordable but necessary repair, I have a roofer, client " friend" who would like to do some trade “barter”. If I tear the roof off and haul it away and I supply all the material (he suggest Home Depot for teh matterial), then he and his crew will install the new roof. In turn I will provide him with $3500 worth of my services.(I do landscaping and yard maintenance). Any thoughts on this arrangement?

Thx Dave

Whether you’re bartering your services or your ca$h, get references. That’s your first step.

As for the value of the exchange, I have zero idea as to what the market value of this kind of work is.

I suggest you provide us with a few photos so we can see if there is anything special (pitch / steepness, 2 story, etc) that we can suggest might be a more difficult time for the average unskilled homeowner.

Well first off, if he was doing this everyday he would certainly not buy materials from home depot. They are very expensive. Second the price to just dry in and lay the shingles is above price by around 25 dollars for just a put down. ATleast from where im at. Third insurance, refs, You doing most of the work and Hence we forget it will more than likely require plywood if it is on skip sheeting. The price 10k is low for tearing off shake and replacing. Look in your attic and see if the deck is skipped or is solid. That will let you know if you need plywood. SOmething just does not sound right here. Sounds like a guy who has done this before but does not do it everyday. If he did you would buy the shingles and other materals from a supply house. I would find a repiutible roofer with all the license and insurances before going any farther. Something is not right here.

hire cash roofer dude to tear off and peal n stick.
then hire trader roofer dude to put back.

i trade out roof work sometimes.


sounds weird to me. “gwedo your always weird”. LOL.
bartering never works out . Red flag


First figure out how many squares the roof is.

If you want to save money and do some work yourself, and they are willing to do that. Go for it. Just figure if it is worth what they said.

The roof is most likely sheeted in. That is why it only lasted 16 years.

If i do trade with this guy and I supply the material, any thoughts on the best place to purchase? My guy tells me Home Depot is as good as any place. he claims the prices for the dimensional shingles are all pretty much the same store to store. apples to apples Of course, quality, 20yr vs 30yr will be more etc…
any thoughts


Do one thing at a time. Figure out how many squares your roof is.

Where you buy your materials is not the most important issue here. Do not lose sight of what you are doing.

search roofing supply arizona


He tells me the roof is 52 squares. The pitch is very slight and it rarely rains here. Also the plywood is all good with no known leaks. What weight felt paper should we use? It seams like a no brainer. That’s the part that worries me. I know I can wait a while longer before replacing this roof, but I figure it has to be done and better sooner than latter! especially given this opportunity with the trade. I just don’t want to miss anything and be “penny wise and pound foolish”


Please, please, please, please… post a photo or ten of your house. Backed up, up close, details, along the walls looking up, all sorts of angles & distances.



Figure out the squares for yourself.

He’ll be getting over 60 bucks a square just to nail the shingles you supply. I’d make him refelt before he roofed it.