Replaced OW shingles roof - ridge vent question

Hi there!
I have a question about the ridge vent.
The contractor replaced the whole roof and used the rolled ridge vents instead of the previously installed vent boxes, It looks really wavy (not straight) from the ground, they keep telling me it will straighten after some hot summertime in FL, but I seriously doubt that.
Here are the pictures → Imgur: The magic of the Internet
Am I being paranoid or that does not look right?
Thanks for your time

It was simply a bad installation and the rolled ridge vent was not fastened correctly. As it is a plastic product, it can suffer “oil canning” and will never return to shape. This is commonly seen on vinyl siding when nailed too tight, and despite the BS told by the contractor, it will remain permanently warped as it is not elastic. The shingles now are trying to follow the new contour but they’ll never look right. It needs to be redone. Good luck.

I agree with Ivoman and if anything the plastic ridge vents look even worse when it heats up and it starts buckling between fasteners.

Ivoman is spot on.
I don’t know if yall saw these in your area, but Lowes and Home depot dumped these 20ft rolls for $4 dollars a piece. If you remember, these were touted to be able to use the coil nailer with a 1-7/8" nail. They were unpredictable and just plain crap.

No., you are right!
I dont even need to look at the pictures.
Because rolled venting always a wavy mess to me.

If it cosmetically looked good, i would use it all day because it is fast.
I can use my nail gun.

But the better looking vent has to be hand nailed.

In my opinion, the best looking vent is by owens corning(sure vent)
Its more stiff than anyones, locks together,
Great ring shank allum fasteners.
Looks like the nicest straightest and defined line across the top of the roof.

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Thank you everyone!
The contractor came back and refastened the ridge vent with ringshank nails 1 3/4 and now it is much more straight than before. Looks like it was not just an aesthetic thing after all as the way it was fastened initially allowed the rain water to come into the attic in certain weather conditions, like almost horizontal rain with a strong wind. And this is a quite large 5*-reviewed roofing company in JAX. What a racket.

Maybe they’re 5 star because they return to jobs and take care of problems when they occur. If they are a large company in Florida they probably have 40-50 employees, minimum, in one of the most challenging roofing climates in the US. People make mistakes but if management makes them right they deserve their good reviews.

Yup, these guys know, ridge vent should have been put on when it’s at least warm and pulled tight and then nailed and then the ridge shingles applied and nailed, myself, I facenail the ridge shingles because I dont trust the self adhereing glue on the ridge in high wind areas, though some is very good ridges take a hell of a beating depending on the direction of winds