Replacing concrete tile roof in San Antonio, TX

I am a homeowner needing to replace Lifetile concrete roof in Central Texas (hot weather!). Lifetile no longer make the tile I currently have. Original roof poorly installed - fascia and soffits rotting out, as well as underlayment and portions of the decking.

Looking for an attractive alternative that will give me a similar weighty look. I can’t tell you the slope, but I have a single story home with a lot of exposed roof - few gable ends. Any suggestions besides Camelot or Grand Manor Shingles? I know every roof varies, but what is a reasonable cost per square (uninstalled price) not considering ridges, etc. for these products?

Anyone have experience with DaVince faux slate?

Help! I don’t want to make a mistake with such a costly home repair.

You seem to be open to some different types of roofing.
Check out Decra metal roofs.

I’m not a tile guy, but I am in Central Texas… my most recent San Antonio job was in Alamo Heights.

Look into Monier LifeTile & IIRC, there’s a metal tile with a cementious / fired look to it. Lighter in weight but more energy efficient for our hot summer temps.

I do know you have a Roofing Supply Group located there; stop by & ask them for samples & info on their tiles (they carry the metal as well as ‘traditional’ stone). You can also ask for references on @ least 3 different people who do installations & have been purchasing product from them for @ least 5 years - that should give you a decent track record of installers.

Thank you both for the suggestions. I will make a trip to Roofing Supply Group to check out options. I hate to waste a roofer’s time bidding on something when I really don’t even know what I want, yet. Will RSG have samples of the products out where I can actually view them?

What is the advantage of the stone-coated metals - just a less metallic look? Do you suggest aluminum or galvanized steel? I like the look of the tiles from Kassel & Irons and Classic Metal Roofing Systems (online, anyway). Do you have any experience or knowledge of them and are they available in Central Texas. Maybe before you answer any of those questions I should ask how they relate price-wise to the pricy premium designer shingles such as GAF Camelot.

Thanks for your help - especially for the suggestion on how to find an experienced installer. Nobody wants to be a guinea pig on such an important item - though I suppose all roofers have a first job with a new product.

Well, as for being a “first timer”, unless there’s a totally new system out there the way most of us learn is by being a shingle monkey & then working our way up as we pick up new skills or abilities.

Note: general handyman types do not apply here.

As for the metal, I say “no” - aluminum would be an insane price point. Not in my opinion, anyhow. One of the benefits of a metal roof is a % reduction on insurance both in your wind & hailstorm endorsement portion of your premium as well as in your deductible should you ever have to file. To get this same deduction out of aluminum, you’d have to get a thickness that would be price prohibitive IMO. Galvanized is the best option; has more of a “traditional” Texas look, however your home’s architectural style may not lend itself to all types of “straight line” metal roofing.

The coated surface is there just so the roof doesn’t look metal. There are also cedar shake look alikes as well as a lot of other types of metal. Decra has one as well, IIRC.

Keep in mind that here in Texas, a metal roof is going to cost you about 2-1/2 to 3=1/2 times the price of a typical shingle roof.

If you currently have a tile roof & want to switch to something else, there are co’s who will purchase the tiles right off your roof, thereby lessening your financial outlay.

I’m not familiar with Kassel & Irons or Classic Metal Roofing Systems; I’ll have to look them up. If you can, post some photos of the house & if you’d like, we can discuss metal options (one of my metal foremen lives in San Marcos, the other in South Austin).

Ranch Hand Roofing

I think we all appreciate that.

“Roofer” and RHR,

I appreciate your suggestions on roofing alternatives.
After much research and consideration of the information you provided on pricing of metal roofing, I have determined that this is not an affordable option for me at this time, despite the long-term cost savings.

We recently had significant water damage in our home (water softener problem - not the roof), so our expenditures on the home have been quite high. Had I known that the entire roof was going to have to be replaced, I would have made different relatively short term choices in order to expand my choices of roofing.

RHR, I particularly appreciate your offer to review a picture of our home and offer suggestions as to what type of metal roofing would look appropriate on our style of house. I have learned a great deal about roofing from these forums and appreciate that you all are willing to offer information to nonprofessionals to help the do-it-yourselfers do it right and give those of us who know what to leave to the professionals the information to help us make the right choices on materials and contractors.

Thanks, again.

If you have some cracked or damged components & need to get them replaced (vs. a complete re-roofing) then you can search for a tile salvage co. (the same type that would buy your pieces right off the house).

They may have your components after buying them from another customer who was switching out just like you are.

This might be your best short term solution.

So far I have had no luck in finding tile salvage in this area. If y’all know of one I’d appreciate the name. RHR, maybe they are more common in your area because Austin is much “greener” than we are. I’ll call RSG to see if they know of any.

After actually seeing Camelot, it did not appeal to me at all. I am considering Grand Timberline or Prestique Grande. Is there any quality difference between these two choices and should the price be roughly the same?

When I find a copy of Professional Roofer, I’ll look - there are a couple of ads towards the back end. I don’t know if any are in the CenTex area or not.

My mistake - it was in Roofer’s Exchange (the hard copy, not the Coffee Shop version). The ad reads:

We buy & sell slate & tile
Texas Salvage
We pick up or take off.

Monier in stock.
Clay tile in stock.
Slate in stock.

Call today!

We ship anywhere!!!
Circle literature rack number 0932

Good luck.

Thank you! I will give them a call this afternoon. I appreciate the help.