Replacing Drip Edge

I have a few roof quotes and the vary over replacing the drip edge. My house and roof are 13 years old and the roof needs to be replaced. I live in Florida. One of the contractors said the drip edge does not need to be replaced as it is high quality and is in great shape. Another contractor said he replaces the drip edge every time but it is my option to have it replaced. It is only about $200 but I don’t want to spend the money if it is not necessary.

Thank you

If I remember correctly in Florida they use a wide “swath” of plastic cement around the perimeter of the roof,if thats the case then the shingles will be permanately stuck to the drip edge,thus replacing it would be necessary :smiley:

thats right Florida has the strictist codes in the world. replace it.

depends if the starters are glued down replace it, if not will be a hump on the eves. some companies will make there own and use galvanized metal and some will buy them and the quality ranges. it wouldn’t be better if you had a nice metal drip edge then swapped it out for some cheap aluminum crap and then charge you for it.