Replacing Fascia Board When the Drip Edge Is Nailed to It

I hired a handyman (I should have hired a roofer) to replace my fascia front and back. He has not yet touched the back. There are two fascia boards on the front and back of the house. He and his buddy took down the fascia on the front of the house, and put up new fascia. On the left side, the drip edge looks fine. On the right side, the drip edge is all mangled, bent up, beat up … looks like crap. I’m guessing that the handyman did the left side, his helper did the right side. Can someone tell me if this is normal? Shouldn’t the drip edge be left the same way that is was found prior to any work being done? What is the best way to correct this so that the entire drip edge looks like it did prior to the handyman replacing the fascia? I told the handyman I did not want him working on the fascia on the back of the house until the drip edge on the front of the house is corrected. And if he cannot do that, at his cost, then we are done. Note: we do not have a rain gutter but plan on putting one up some day. Would a rain gutter hide the ugliness of the drip edge that is mangled?

Yes, a roofer would have done a better job.
I have seen people remove fascia without removing the metal but i havent done it.
I am just not confident in doing that because of this very reason.
The metal is installed to be tight to the wood
And now you are digging it out.

It sounds like you really needed that fascia replaced.
You need to cap it with aluminum or vinyl.
The paint doesn’t last.
The paint will only last if you put a gutter in front of it.
And indeed, that Will hide your manglendness.
No one will see what the bottom edge of the eve metal looks like.
It will look perfect again from the ground.

If the metal was aluminum or not 26 gauge,
They had no hope of not mangling it up.
My instincts are to get those workers back.
Dont tell them you are putting up the gutter so they will be more gentle (if possible)on the back.

Hopefully, you didnt put yourself in a position where the metal and the whole roof needs to be replaced.
But that might be the case.

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