Replacing GAF Grand Canyon shingle;

First, I would like to say how much I have learned from this site And thank you so much !!! I have a gaf Grand Canyon I am going to replace. I need wind and algae protection. Insurance is going to replace, however I’m just not happy with keeping the design , as it can be a very busy roof. My problem is that I have had this heavy shingle around 450 lb/sq… and all ones I see seem flat. I want something nice but maybe not so expensive. I am glad to know to stay away from gaf timberline. I have looked at Atlas but I’m just not sure the colors will work out …, I am not sure brown/… stay with a classic gray … I have lots of comments on what I have and I have lots of pics to share on my existing!! All help is much appreciated!!

Certainteed Landmark TL is a good compromise if you don’t like the busyness of a ‘Presidential’ style shingle. As much as I hate to say it GAF Ultra, formerly Elk “50 yr”(no such thing in composition) is a good product also. None of these will replicate the thickness of a Grand Canyon or Presidential TL.

Also, if insurance is replacing why go backwards towards thinner shingles? You reference Timberline and Atlas?

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Thanks! At first I looked at replacing with the presidential TL as opposed to GC… But I thought that I don’t really care for the shake look and something could compliment my home better … I had to get some advise on color and style, and told to look toward architectural style…(as in typical). I first started out looking for algae resistant… because I live near water … so that’s why I mentioned atlas.I’ve had this roof 14 years


This shows a little better

For moss & algae resistance it’s hard to beat the Malarkey Legacy, if it’s in your area.

Thanks . I have read you all stated the malarkey or atlas is great. A roofer told me he can get any shingle I needed. I notice you all will state that sometime " if it’s in your area". Can you tell me how that works ?

Check out the Atlas StormMaster Slate. They have an Algae Protection Warranty. Here is a photo of a roof we built with the StormMaster Slate. May or may not be your cup of tea.

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Thanks . That looks super nice and a great job. It really compliments the home !

If your going for that look and want a nice thick shingle certainteed grand manor would fit the bill. Similar aesthetic to the atlas product but much thicker.
They are expensive though.


Thanks . It is a nice shingle, And it would be close to the weight of the one I have .