Replacing my Roof - When is Dry Rot a real and expensive problem?

I am getting a new roof, because my 1600 sq ft house and 3 tab shingle roof with a 3/12 pitch is 20 years old, has good ventilation and has some shingles blown off.

Some damaged singles a handyman patched up with a tar like substance 6 years ago, mostly near the Ridge.

My insurance company has already approved a new roof.

Is dry rot associated with leaks?

Two bids will replace dry rot at no charge.

Is that a reason to choose those roofers?
Those 2 bids happen to be on the low side.

I have no leaks, but is it possible that water
could have got into the roof and not caused a leak,
but caused dry rot?

If I had a lot of dry rot, how much could it cost to fix?

500$-5,000. What is a lot of dry rot? Have you ever heard no such thing as a free lunch? Why would they do work for you free of charge? Are they relatives?

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When the roofer goes up on your roof to give you an estimate can they tell if there is any dry rot by walking around on it?
Perhaps that is why they offer to fix it for free because they don’t believe there is any?

Would you use a roofer that offers free dry rot repair?

If the decking needs replaced, if someone knows what they’re doing, insurance will pay for it as well as long as your policy has ordinance and law coverage. Most do, generally, Allstate doesn’t. It’s covered due to building code. Shingles just be fastened on a nailable surface.

Unless the insurance paid everything upfront, you still have recoverable depreciation to be paid. That is, unless you’re willing to commit insurance fraud by submitting a false invoice. So there’s no reason to spend less than what the IC estimated your roof at. If someone is willing to do it for less than insurance pays, they’re likely not very competent. Find a good contractor that thoroughly understands insurance work and get a good quality roof replacement.

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My insurance policy does not cover dry rot.
Is dry rot generally associated with roof leaks?
Is it possible that you have a roof leak, that might cause dry rot but, but does not make it through to the house, so that you don’t know that it exists until the new roof is installed?

Dry rot is mostly caused by poor ventilation. A good roofer can tell you if your plywood is mostly okay or mostly bad by walking your roof.

A lot of roofers will change 2 or 3 sheets of plywood at no charge.

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Authentic Dad nailed it. Code will not let you shingle rotten deck. Check the plywood by a vent or pull up the drip., if it’s 1/2" 5 ply fir, it’ll be complete redeck. Fir has an red/orange color to it. They sell it a a “premium” plywood, but EVERY roof I’ve tore off of it has delaminated. Dry rot is caused by wood that was saturated enough for bacteria to eat it.

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You’re right, it doesn’t. But ordinance and law will if you have a competent contractor. Think what you wish and pay for it out of your own pocket. I get it paid for with my customers the majority of the time.

So wouldn’t they put in the bid that dry rot would be free if they were pretty confident that there wasn’t any?

Never assume anything on a roof estimate!


So if there were two roofing bids that were equal, except one would fix dry rot at no additional charge, would you go with that one or would you be suspicious and go with the other one?

Go with the roofer you trust. The dry rot thing, I don’t know where their coming from. I tell people il change a sheet or 2 for no charge,but if it’s more then that itll cost $xx per sheet with an hourly charge for framing repairs.
I would never tell someone I would repair all the wood for free, that just seems shady


In my experience dry rot is seldom extensive so this is a rather safe bet for the salesman.

On the other hand when dry rot does occur it can be in the worst, hardest to repair locations.


The sheets under the valleys on a split level are the bane of my existence some days. Remove soffits,fascia sometimes worse just goto change half a piece of plywood

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I always gave 3 sheets free, didn’t want to stop the show for chump change. If it was more than that and I didn’t catch it on the pre-bid walkthrough, there was a problem.

If ALL of the deck needs replaced they can’t do it for free. If you have bad deck request a per square price from all bidders.

About 3 years ago a handyman noticed some shingles had blown off.
I went up on the roof with him and we used some tar like substance to repair maybe 5-10 places.

When I filed the insurance claim, an inspector from the insurance company went on to the roof, and said I needed a new roof.

Would it be worth it to pay for an independent roof inspection?
to find dry rot or other problems?
How much would it cost?

No. They’ll find the problems during tear off. Scammers don’t want to say anything til it’s exposed and they have you over a barrel. If bad deck replacement will be XX.00 per sheet upon completion.

Maybe I should get 2-3 more bids and specifically ask them to find dry rot?

What would you do if you were me?

How would you decide which roofer is the most trustworthy
or the best one to gamble on?

Is it possible that the roofers that said they would fix dry rot for free,
will still find some other way to charge you for something else,
if there was more dry rot damage than they thought?

The contract should cover all aspects of the job, materials to be used and all costs. Anything left open or not noted is a problem. Get recent references and call them, drive by and look at the work. I wouldn’t trust yelp and all that crap, reviews are skitchy. Talk to real customers. Get proof of insurance, call them to make sure it is current and in force.