Replacing skylights and shingles

Hi, I want to replace both the roofing of my house and the two skylights. We have a friend who’s son has a skylight business so we want him to do the skylights but not the shingles. The question is, should we replace the skylights first or the roof first? I was thinking the roof first because it has shakes on there now and I don’t know what is under it. It will probably need plywood before the regular shingles. (Just a guess.) But can skylights be installed without leaking after the new roof is on? What order should we do it in and does it matter? Right now, nothing leakes, it’s just old.

Do both projects @ the same time.

I would love to but it’s two different companies, two different schedules for their time and who knows what the weather is going to be like in between. I do want to give our friend’s son with the skylight company some business but I know it would be easier to have one company do both jobs. I live in BC Canada and the weather where I live is rather iffy in the spring so I want to avoid a stripped roof waiting for the skylight company to come and roofers standing around twiddling their thumbs.

Yeah what bob said. Doing the skylight first means the roofers will have to be extra careful not to damage a brand new roof and doing the roof first means the skylight guy will be ripping into your newly installed roof. I get you wanting to help out a friends business but you would be better off just having the roofer install your skylight plus you will save $ that way as its way easier to install a skylight after the roof is already torn off.

If you have **existing deck mount skylights **(also called Self flashing) and you’re just interested in replacing them with new ones, your roofer should be able to do that while installing the roof. It is a no brainer. If your skylight guy does these then its critical that its done during the reroofing, right after the tear off of the existing roof. You do not want the skylight guy coming in after the new roof is on and have the roofing modified after you just reroofed. That would be a huge mistake and would also void any warranty that your roofer gave you if those skylights ended up leaking. It would be the skylights guys fault not the roofer in this scenario.

If you have **existing Curb mount skylights **then your roofer can install them during the re-roofing or your skylight guy can do them either before or after the new roof is installed. It makes no difference because there is no roofing work to be done to change the skylight out. Hopefully this is what your dealing with, this is the ideal situation. Ideal in the sense that either person can do it at any time.

If you’re **switching from Deck mount skylights (also called Self flashing) to curb mount skylights **then your roofer should be able to do that also. Unless of course the new skylights are of a different size than the originals because your changing the sizes to get more light. Again, the roofer should be capable of doing the exterior skylight work… Cutting the hole in the roof deck, setting a new curb or just installing a new deck mount over the new hole. It will be the interior work that the roofer will not do, if any is needed.

Keep in mind, Curb mount skylights may require some interior drywall work to cover the curb material on the inside of the skylight shaft…this typically is not done by the roofer. We curb them up a lot and leave the interior work to someone else. We typically charge for the curbing up and installing of the new skylights.

If you’re **adding skylights that were previously not there **then you will need a skylight guy or a good roofer. Your roofer can cut a hole and install a new skylight, but he will probably not do any interior work. The roofer will also more likely to be able to do only standard sizes that fit the construction of the home (rafter spacing). Any rafter cutting and headering out will require a skylight guy. So you may need both or you could have the skylight guy do all of it. In my location any structural changes will require a separate permit and inspection…infact installing a new skylight of any size requires a permit here. Having the skylight guy do the installation will require the roofer and skylight guy coordinate. The installation should be done in conjunction with each other. It is much easier for the skylight guy to come in right after the tear off of the existing roof.

I guess we need to know what type of skylights you currently have and what type you’re going to replace them with to really be able to answer the Q. It could be yes or could be no, Curb mounts do not require a skylight guy to just replace them. Deck mounts really do not either. If you’re going from Deck mount to curb mount then you may need interior work done. Hopefully these are Curb mounts, id say if they are glass skylights atm they are probably curb mounts. Got a pic ?

Thanks, guys!! Wow, I have some work to do. I’ll check and take a few photos but not in this weather right now. Great responses on here. -L

The problem is that if there’s a leak who owns it? The roofer will blame the skylite & the skylite guy will blame the roofer. You’ll always have a warranty issue.

Hey Linda, it’s all sunshine and roses here in Kamloops :smiley:

About your issue, I feel you should have the roofer install your skylight. That said, the “skylight” companies I’ve encountered here only install the skylight itself to the curb. They don’t install flashing or touch the shingle part.

If you feel obligated to your son’s friend go ahead & purchase the skylites from him. Have him remove the old ones, do the re framing if needed, drywall, & trim, if needed. Just have the roofers install them, or have him install them prior to the roof being ripped & replaced. If there’s a leak, it’s on the roofers then & everyone gets a pc of the pie. : ) The roofers would most likely void the warranty if a skylite contractor opens up their roof after completion & I wouldn’t blame them.

It just occurred to me that my post is a tad inaccurate.

Deck mount and self flashing skylgihts are similar, but not the same. Deck mounts are your Velux type, the built in curb sits on the Deck and requires a flashing kit for the most part.

Like this: … tedIndex=2

A Self flashing skylight is the typical Acrylic type that have a built in Aluminum flashing: … edIndex=66

Have the roofers leave those areas open, but felted so your buddy can do the skylights, assuming he can roof them in.