Replacing wood starter course

I have what appears to be a starter course of some sort of wood shake at the eaves under my old asphalt shingle roof. this made for a little(1 1/2 to 2") overhang in order to get the gutters under the edge. when I tear off this will be gone. if I sheath the whole thing with osb or cdx, I guess i could just overhang the osb 2" at the eaves to replicate it, but 2" of exposed osb on the underside does’nt seem like a great idea. what’s the proper method? thanks

Use a metal drip edge like “F5 metal edging”. This adds like 3/4", then overhang your shingles another 3/4-1" over the edge metal. This will get you aprox a 1-1/2 overhang.

  1. you could bring back the gutter by trimming the tails

  2. why do you need to bring the OSB 1-1/2 out ??
    Regardless if its a cedar roof as a 1st layer you should have a starter board on the eave .
    This is what you would bring out by adding a strip or a wider board .

Then sheet from the edge up

Couldn’t have said it better.

not a cedar roof and never was. always been three tab asphalt. it’s just the starter undercourse that was wood shakes in order to get some overhang.

Ok. Just let the shingles at the eave overhang by 1 in. and 56 57ths. almost 2 inches. You can even let the felt overhang a little bit as long as it’s not visible and ugly.