Required Clearance of Gutter Below Extended Roof Line

On a 6/12 roof gutter’s outer edge would have to be about 1/2" below extended roof line to protect from sliding ice. Is it really a factor on shingled roofs ?

Is anybody following this requirement ? Any advice here ?

Thank you.

Data, Id say more than a half inch. Gutters look like shit if you hang them too high. Sometimes you have no choice when your stuck with a puny fascia. If its a regular aluminum k style gutter, maybe a half inch to the front of the gutter. Hold a level or square on the shingle roof, maybe a half inch in the front of the gutter. The back wont be a half itll be more. Snow & ice do let go on 6/12 & wipe out gutters that are hung too high.

My concern is here that if I do follow this rule and gutter slope slope (at least 3/4" for, the backwall of my gutter will be very low. Should a specially made gutter apron used in this case to make sure that it overlaps the gutter’s backwall ?

Data, if its only a 30 ft run, go high w/ it @ center 15 ft & sloped it down say 1-11/2 inches on eachside going to an outlet. You dont want to go too much cause its only 15 ft eachway & itll look like shit. You dont want to slope it to one outlet, that would be unprofessional.

Unfortunately downspout is only on one side, can not be changed.

Bummer, I dont understand why it cant be changed or one added though. Anything can be done. In that case go high w/the side w/o the outlet & slope it down toward the outlet say an inch & a half or two inches. Too much drop will be too noticable.