Reroof box vents or ridge vent

Hello all. Having problems with leaks on a 10 year old roof. We bought our L shaped ranch (connected garage to form the L) 5 years ago. The roof is not steep and is a hip style (approx 30 square) The former owner hired whoever he did (Not local) after a major hail storm destroyed most roofs on our side of town. We have leaks in the valley and around the chimney. Also there are bumps around the roof from what appears to be de-lamination of the plywood sheeting due to the builders (House built in 1980) venting bathroom exhausts into the attic instead of outside. We plan on redoing the decking and adding exhaust ‘ports’ (Directly connected to the fans)on the roof. Contractor is recommending to replace box vents with new box vents instead of going with ridge vents due to ridge vents clogging up. What are your thoughts?

I like the mushroom vents as well.

Mesh type ridge vents can indeed clog. Many times, you cannot achieve proper vent space with ridge vent, and hip roofs are the biggest culprit. Most times there is simply not enough ridge to vent.

AaronB is right hip roofs are difficult to vent.We have used roll-vent(O.C) and cora-vent and have had alot of problems with them clogging or since it was a low slope holding water like a sponge.If you have soffit and ridge vent it creates a good flow.Since it is a hip roof and you have soffit try using a single RV51 on hip ends and Highpoint ridge-vent.I like the high-point since it has a higher profile,and I have never had anymore problems with ridge vent.

Properly placed box vents have always worked.Hip roof or not.