Reroof Drip Edge Treatment: 1-by + 1/2 plywood sheathing

What I’m starting with (now doing a tear off reroof):

  • Roof Pitch = 4 in 12 (3.8 actually)
  • Dormer, 6ft wide
  • Alum fascia over wood fascia.
  • Original roof used 1-by sheathing overhung 3/4in with cheap drip edge.
  • First reroof nailed 1/2 plywood on the 1-by overhung 3/4in from the 1-by with cheap drip edge.

I’ve got 1-1/4 exposed above the fascia board. Any kind of drip edge will not cover the 1-by edges.

I have a roofing contractor buddy who does high-pitch and slate work, doesn’t like to have any drip edge overhang because it exposes wood and looks bad from the ground. He wants everything clad in alum. (I know with low slope, the rain drip not shed from the roofing edge, but will run underneath onto the drip edge and then onto the fascia board, however at 4 in 12 I suspect this will not happen.

If I do it his way, I’m talking F5 1/2S which has a 1.95in drop. I could cut normal to roof flush at fascia top to get some roofing edge fascia overhang.



Make your own with coilstock and a brake.

I’ve got the brake and coil. But if I do something other than the 5F, someone will have to explain the geometry to me. (Here’s a pic of the 5F - the drip edge is hemmed)

C 5- 1/2 will work has 2"+ face or bend your own f metal.

Here is a link that shows step by step

That shows you the geometry. The bends it shows is for a shop brake. If you are using an aluminum brake the only difference will crushing the hems.

First piece a little confusing but once you get the hang of it’s a piece of cake.

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I know what you mean! Visualizing the bend order is where the knowledge comes in.

I don’t need much, I’m going to HD (!)


Your local roofing supplier should be able to get you some 2" t-drip.

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