Reroof on a 'Deck house'

Well, we had to DIY due to monetary concerns, but thought you all might like this none the less

this is what it started as:

the stripping, note the nails

gee wonder why the skylights leaked

it had a whole 1 inch of insulation, increased to 3 1/2

airspace and plywood, more ice and water

new cedar facia

Lifetime prestiques

I liked the copper slip over vent flashings, so I kept them

So, lots of ice and water, two layers of grace underlayment, still need to finish the chimney and skylight flashing, bit I think it came out well.

The back is going to be EPDM.

Cannot tell you how much stiffer the roof is now. Originally 3x6 laminated t&g, now has a perimeter of screwed down PT 2x4 and a whole new deck, it moves much less.

If anyone had cared to strip the roof right even once it would not have been so leaky.

Or mount skylights correctly, I believe curb mounts are the only way to go on this roof style. perhaps on this pitch.

Even the very nice copper chimney flashing was put on without cleaning down to the deck, still old lead under, pounds of silicone.

Oh, and I&W is useless stuck on top of foam…

Everything looks good. I don’t think you can call it a DIY job… Well maybe you can because you turned the last row of sheeting :wink:

You caught that.

would have ended up with a one foot piece of ply at the top, which I didn’t like, but also didn’t like the weaker feel of the cross ply, so I added another piece of strapping in the middle, so it is on 8 inch center

Good luck tearing that one off again. For some reason, I do not see that roof lasting more than 10-15 years. How long were the nails from the insulation into the original deck? Then from the new deck into the insulation. Then the shingles into the new deck.

Two layers of grace is unnecessary. I also do not see any ventilation. What do you have up there?

The finished product does look nice though.

There are no nails there

6 inch screws hold the foam down through the strapping on roughly 16 inch centers.

Screws hold the ply to the strapping

The roof vents from behind the facia into the space under the finish deck created by the strapping. there are cut pieces of vent material tacked behind the facia to keep bugs out. It will vent out through standard ridge vent when complete