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i hired a roofing company on april 19 2017 i was promised from start to finish with permits it would take 3 weeks so first when they applied for the permits they didn’t submit the right paperwork and had to re apply so i kept telling them i needed an appointment that this needed to be done before rainy season starts so they showed up on may 23 tear of my shingle roof and two flat roofs put the tarpaper showed up the next day to finish one flat roof and then it rained for the next two days i was promised that shingles would be delivered and installed on may 30 so that morning i called the supervisor and another guy answered the phone told me that this guy is no longer with the company and he took over so shingles never got delivered till june 2nd and guess what rainy season started that day and it is raining ever since nonstop like hell on on june 4 we woke up with water dripping down onus and noticed holes and waterleaks in the sealant from the flat roof which was done already so i called the company and the send somebody and the guy fixed the issue it wasn’t torched and sealed properly so i urged them to put tarp on the felt paper where are no shingles yet but they didn’t so neat evening when i walked in the other bedroom water was dripping down from the sealant so i called them again and they sent somebody so then next morning when i got up i noticed leaks all over the house i called again and finally by tuesday afternoon they put a tarp on they keep telling my the shingles need to be glued on asap but with all this rain it is impossible also when they had their inspections they forgot the pictures first time and second inspection they didn’t leave a ladder they said they will take care of damage in house but up to now i am waiting for someone i feel very uncomfortable should they start over with the felt paper i also called the city and informed them please any advise what to do

Omg…punctuation. hard to read!

what u mean by that ?

It sounds like that company really messed up, but like the other poster said, would be much easier to understand things if everything wasn’t written in one sentence.

I suggest you need to find a new roofing contractor and have your roof be inspected. Nothing will change if you keeps on contacting yous failed roofing company. They will just keep on giving you the same failed solution.

The following might help you in choosing a roofing company:
• How long has the company been in business?
An established company will most likely be around in the future should any problems arise.
• Does the contractor have a permanent business office address, phone, and email?
An established contractor should be able to provide a business address, phone, and email. A permanent business address is a sign of a stable company.
• Does the contractor use subcontractors?
Subcontractors are often paid on a per job basis, which can result in poor workmanship as the job is completed as fast as possible.
• Does the company supply a written contract and estimate (and do they require a deposit)?
All job specifications and prices should be supplied in writing. Established companies with strong financial stability usually do not require a deposit. Deposits are common, be wary of any contractor requesting more than 1/3 of the cost of the project.
• Check to see if the company is a member of the Better Business Bureau and the local Chamber of Commerce.
Research all potential contractors on the Better Business Bureau and your local Chamber of Commerce. Look for the overall business rating and keep in mind the general size of the company when checking for complaints.
• Is the company registered with the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board and do they have liability insurance?
This is important as an established company should be in good standing with the WSIB and have liability insurance.
• Check to see if the contractor is part of local and national industry associations.
A strong established contractor should be a member of trade associations. Look for associations such as the Ontario Industrial Roofing Contractors Association, Ottawa Construction Association, Canadian Roofing Contractors Association, and National Roofing Contractors Association.
• Look for a contractor who is a certified installer of the products they offer.
Certified contractors can offer stronger warranties on the products they install and follow stricter installation guidelines.
• Look for a contractor who offers emergency service.
A contractor who offers emergency service will be able to address a serious problem quickly, even after regular business hours.
• Ask the contractor for references of previous customers.
An established company should have a long list of satisfied customers who are willing to be contacted.

I would say that company has done a very poor job and you should look to get a different contractor and you should check all your documentation to make sure you’re covered and you should potentially contact your attorney to discuss options and you should consider taking an English class.

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Im sorry but ive been a roofing contractor for right at 20 years and there is no way I would tear off a whole roof and leave it under felt for an extended period of time. I do one section at a time during the spring and fall wet seasons, and even though the manufacturers say to not roof over wet felt i would be out there roofing in the rain like ove done 100 times before. The water evaporates and i wouldnt have a pissed off customer or insurance claim.
If i were you i would take your contract to an attorney to make sure where you stand. If you can I would hire someone else immediately