Reroofing my own home, Gulf Coast area, Corpus Christi

I live in Corpus Christi, TX. My roof was hit by hurricane Harvey and I would like to perform a complete reroof of my house by myself. I have researched the appropriate safety devices and am aware that I need to have a permit and obtain a WP-8 windstorm certificate. What can I expect if I begin this process by myself and are there any regulations that say I cannot perform this repair by myself? Does anyone have any experience with performing their own reroof? I know that it is preferable to hire a roofing contractor but I am up for the task. All replies will be appreciated. Thank you.

You are correct…hire a pro. It cost less in the long run unless you don’t value your own time. Installing a WATERPROOF roof is much more difficult than it appears. Otherwise…60% of my work wouldn’t be repairs.


I’ve never roofed in Texas before so you’ll have to consult with your local building authorities to see what type of inspections (if any are required). I highly doubt there is any regulation specifically stopping a homeowner from roofing their own home. Florida had no such code and if anywhere in the country would have had one i assume it would have been them. You can learn a lot just watching some of the manufacturers videos on YouTube regarding instillation. And feel free if you to ask if you have any questions regarding said videos. Also is your roof “cut up” (lots of different slopes and shapes)? If it is then I agree its not really a diy job but an able bodied homeowner should be able to do a simple roof on their own.

Here is a picture of my roof. There’s not much to it.

Rent yourself a bin & park it in the driveway, tear off a section at a time with a potato shovel, and follow the directions on the shingle bundles for application. (High wind areas call for six or eight nails per shingle IIRC)

Be gentle around the wall interfaces and you should be able to reuse the existing flashings, buy new replacements for any vents or other penetrations, should be doable for a competent DIYer. No magic here.

Pretty hard work tho… :wink:

Hey Pipkins. Welcome to the site. I have roofed seaward, inland 1 and 2 for many years. Not as far south as Corpus. I highly advise you to contact the TEXAS Department of insurance before you begin any repairs. Ask for an engineer list in your area. The inspections do not cost you anything. I say this because every inspector has a different interpretation of the windstorm code. Talk to your engineer and find out his requirements. Underlayment, fastener types, distance between fasteners. 1" caps or 2" caps. Sealed starter, or tar starter. Hot dipped nails. Nail gun or hand nail. Shingle brands allowed. Trust me. They are all geriatric about how they want the install. You dont want to start the roof only to have an inspection problem. They never let you just fix what they see. They are anal and will make you tear the whole thing off. Check the TWIA website. That WPI-8 is required for insurance.
Corpus may require a permit also. Their inspection may follow some TWIA requirements.
A one day job in Houston, is a 2 day job on the coast. Not many roofers like windstorm codes. I think most are stupid. At 120mph, the shingles on my roof are the last thing on my mind. No drip edge overhang. Just some crazy stuff. Good luck to you.

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Take the help from some professionals, and it is better to get the foam insulation done on the roof. This will make the roof insulated and withstand storm.