Reroofing practice

I have an original 30 year old roof on a house I built in 1972. No leaks but the shingles look bad as expected. I live in OHIO. To re roof, Somebody wants to put these on my roof: ELK Prestique 30 Shingles with #15 Felt paper, Aluminum Drip edge, Omni Ridge Vent, Vent boots, Step Flashing, Chimney Flashing & Ice Guard valley. Wood replacement is an additional charge of $40/sheet of plywood.

Is this good or bad? What should I watch for.

sounds pretty normal to me,
but let theese cold weather pros here handle it.


sounds pretty good to me . . .even the plywood price sounds pretty good.
Good luck

Sounds TOO good on the plywood price.

Don’t use 15# felt upgrade to 30#. only bout a $5 a square diff.

  1. Good deal, I charge 55 per sheet of plywood, not osb.

…Boots. 3-in-1’s or lead jacks? Leads are better.

Ply price sounds really good, as well, like mentioned.

PS: Is all the felt coming off? What’s the ‘profile’ on the drip edge? I prefer the ‘lip’ type that gives a bit of a shelf to the shingle; if it’s a straight 90 degree, go for the 2" x 2" size.