Research on roof-safety Delf University of Technology

Dear roofers,

We are students from the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. We are developing a new roof safety system for sloped roofs.
To get insight into the activities on the roof we are very interested in your experiences on the roof, especially regarding safety.
We would really appreciate it if you would fill in our questionnaire. You can download the questionnaire at

Thank you very much!

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Your survey question is missing one option.

“We use fall protection for elevated (higher than normal 1 stories / 2 or more stories) or steeply pitched (9:12 or more) roofs.”

Give me that option & I’ll take it.

If we followed OSHA regulations for on the job safety all the time, to the letter, it would be impossible to make a dime. I know my capabilitys and those of my crew. I use my own professional judgement and over a decade and a half of experience to decide on what safety measures are needed and when. No fool who has never roofed for a living should be allowed to try and tell me how to be “safe” on a roof. Nothing wrong with fall arrest systems when needed.

The only fall protection we use is a 2X8 toe board at the bottom of the roof on anything 6/12 and steeper.

and the real reason isn’t for fall protection, though it is good to have there, the main reason is so that we have something to put our stuff on AND most important, the guys don’t have to keep going down onto the ground to pick up their tools that they drop and slide off the roof.

If osha was going to check people then i would say that they should hire about a million people because there is just to many people not concerned about some putz with a tie saying what i need to do. Go on a roof for a month and then tell me what i need. All those things do is get caught on stuff and slow down production. When i shingled i never used anything like it. Just a toe board and away i went.

People that fall are one of 3 things most of the time:

  1. afraid

  2. high or drunk

  3. not paying attention

One of my old bosses used to say that “accidents don’t happen, they are caused! Caused by carelessness!”

Thats correct you have just won a years supply of apple sauce!!! :smiley:


Here is a picture of some of the safety equipment I use.


Here is a picture of some of the safety equipment I use.[/quote]