Residential Roof Sales

hello , I would appreciate any help or advice any of you may have —I have had my own roofing business for about 25 years Im well established & I make a comfortable living. I do around $750,000 a years in sales & I have been happy with that in the past, however now my son & my son in-law are coming unto business with me & I need to boost sales , I currently close around 1 out of 3 sales calls , im not really a salesman ,I dont pressure anyone. So my question is how do I boost leads, referrals & total sales . I currently run a 1/4 page ad in the local yellow pages , I advertise in a small newspaper ( business card size ad ) & I do the Local Home & Garden show. Like I said this has always kept me busy enough but now I need more of the Pie ,any suggestions , Thank you

the solution isnt more leads…its more closing. spend more time on presentation & informing your customer what the product is and what sets you apart from the competition. my closing rate is about 75% and usually toward the higher end of the price range. neat trucks & equip. help with leads. no cigarette butts in the yards, and good communication will help with refferals. GTP1003 will be able to help you more with sales.

Look under the roofing menu and hit SEARCH FORUM. Enter SALES in the search bar. Your question has been answered several times over and over by several good sales guys.

What is it you are looking for exactly?