Residential roofing maintenance

I’ve been thinking of trying to upsell some sort of maintenance program on all new installs.(RESIDENTIAL) Something like an annual visit where we would clean gutters, skylights, and inspect the roof. Said inspections could reveal animal damage as well as any wind or impact damage. Has anyone ever tried this?
If so, what could this be sold for?

The idea is to do these inspections and gutter cleaning when it’s slow and I need to keep a few guys busy.

Furthermore, I think I could get 500 or more for something like this.

Any ideas or thoughts are most appreciated

five hundred might be a bit on the high side for cleaning gutter unless its a very large house. Yes we do this kind of thing gutter cleaning gets busy in the fall.

Perhaps this should be an annual fee of say $175 a year? Our average house is around 25 to 30 square.

What is included in your program?

so far I have gutter cleaning, skylight cleaning, debris removal ( trees, cleaning valleys) and interior attic inspection for any water intrusion.

Anything I’m missing here?



Should come with 1 year of it with a new roof. This way they see what you are doing and can jusify the price. 175 is not a bad number. But i think that might work out a little better than not at all.

I like the one year free. Could be extended several years if you really wanted the job(ie:no work).

Gtp, r u selling this type of upgrade for additional $, or is it included with the sales pitch on a new roof system?

I like the idea of including the mait. program as part of the sell.

Thanks again


No i dont sell it at all. I just think that people would have to see what you are charing them extra for so doing it 1 year spring and summer would make them feel that it is a good way to spend there money

We do this on residential and commercial more so commercial.My idea behind it when started was this. We were doing lots of reapirs on flat roofs. I wanted a way to build trust with the customer and a way that we could frequently visit thier building. Not ot mention we had several customers that needed a new roof couldn’t afford it or there roof was nearing the end of it’s life so we would do repairs to make it last a few more years. Best scenario for us is say you get a leak call on a flat roof that has 20%-30% life left we would do certain repairs to it and then give them a leak free warranty for 2 to 5 years and guarantee them if they have a leak within those 2 to 5 years that we will be there within 24 hours and repair it for free.
We offer three different plans a bronze, silver, and platinum. Price is based on how much time it will take to perform such service.
Bronze is nearly a spring/fall cleaning and check up and we charge normal bill rate for any repairs that are performed.(basically we notify the customer of concerning area and try to get the ok to repair it right then and there, for them it eliminates a service call at a later time.)
Silver includes the same spring/fall visit but with more time allowed to do such small repairs at no additional charge. If more time is needed beyond the spelled out amount in the contract the customer will recieve a 10% discount on that time spent, material cost the same of course.
platinum includes same spring/fall visit. We will do some repairs at the start of contract that is included in the price we will then warranty the roof for a period 2 to 5 years (depending on it’s overall condition). And include all the premium servcies previously listed.
The best thing about this service is you have ability to build a long term trusting realtionship with your customers whic leads to referrals, and the contract of htier new roof when it comes time. We have sweveral customers that don’t get any other estimates to repalce thier roof because they us and trust us. The ones do get other estimates usually still go with us because they us versus someone else wether there less or not by a few bucks won’t matter at that point.
Your best customers for this service are hotels, chain/franchise stores, restarasunts, apartments, condos beacuse you can get a contract for the whole region of buildings. for example we have several customers that buy a silver program for all 10 to 200 buildings within 100 hundred miles of our office

I am glad I am not a salesman. :smiley:

If you knew how much money was generated from these plans you would want to be a salesman lol. We have a sales brochure that we leave with the customer that explains each plan and what they get for that plan. Most of the services sell themselves when the repair foreman gives it to the customer after he does a repair or fixes a leak. At htat point an estimater will follow up with the customer if the cuastomer hasn’t already called for more info such as price. We are now a service driven company because of these servcie plans. 6 years ago we installed/replaced new roofs and service/leaks calls were a hassle. now we are service driven company and yes mr customer we can replace your old roof. We currently do no advertising for the installation/repalcement of new roofs. 6 years ago when we finished a roof replacement i averaged $46.00 per man hour. Saying that if a roof took 324 man hours the company made on average $46.00 per man hour. Now we charge $62.00 per hour portal to portal(drive time) on servcie calls. our average charge per man hour has increased by more than $12.00 per man hour. That 12 bucks per man hour is pure bottom line profit added on.