Ridge and Sifft Vent Effect on Indoor Temperature

I plan to upgrade my attic ventilation from the current two end gables to a ridge and soffit vent system. My house is a two story colonial in Maryland.

Will I notice any effect on the temperature in the second story inside my home? I have R38 attic insulation already but it is still a few degrees warmer than the downstairs temperature. I haven’t heard anyone claim that it improves the indoor air temperature but it seems like it would.

make sure your insulation is not blocking the airflow from the soffitt to the ridge. use insulation baffles.

I checked and it is not blocking the soffit but apparently a nice pice of wood is!

So now I have to decide if it’s worth paying the $$ to have the wood cut into or not.

I still have the question about how much, if any, adding ridge and soffit vents will reduce the indoor air temperature during the summer.

Any ideas?


A few degrees at best, depending on many variables.

Your best option is to increase your ceiling/attic insulation.

And keep your gable vents in addition to the ridge vent.

Roof Ventilation Basicslink

Thanks Dennis.
That’s what I figured but even dropping the temperature from 80F to 78F can make a difference in how you feel.

How about just adding a thermostatically-controlled fan to one of the gables? This is what I have planned. I recently started a post about this.