Ridge cap help

I don’t really want to face nail the last ridge cap. I know some people just use cement on the end. Can I just use regular flashing cement or is there a special adhesive I need to use?

Nail it. Tar the heads. Or use something better. Maybe try lap seal. I don’t know. I’ve torn many an old one off that was not sealed ad was never a problem either

Wouldn’t something like Geocell 2300 work?


I would not use lap seal.

Just nail it. That is the way it is done. 27 years not one leak. We just paint the chaulk to match the shingle color.

I told you on another post, Bread. When using a 2-ply cap like timbertex:

  1. Lift the top ply

  2. Nail the cap

  3. Couple dime sized dots of tar will stick the top ply down.

Leaving exposed nails on a multi-ply hip or ridge is just lazy.