Ridge cap leaking on new roof

I got this roof installed by an independent and ended up having a falling out with him over him trying to keep upping his price so now im on my own, well the problem that I just got was on our first major rain storm here in the pacific northwest I got water under my ridge cap from a valley off of a dormer, basically the water from the dormer shoots off the edge of the one roof onto another and hits the ridge at an angle and subsequently goes under and leaks into my house. The question is what can i do? Can i pull up the ridge and install a new one but adhere the ridge cap down with some roofing adhesive or any other ideas. I took a video of what happens that can be seen here.

Did the shingles over lap the ridge before the cap went on??
Very common issue most roofers dont even think is necessary.

If they did overlap the ridge with their shingles,
Than the leak is more likely the two other interections where the roofers didnt run their shingles far enough under the second story roof plane.

Im not sure what can i check, I can take more pics of the install if that helps

Your new roof is leaking and you don’t want the original install back. You are not sure where to look for the leak, so I assume it will be difficult for you to properly fix it. Sounds to me like you should have a local company come and take a look. We have many members here across the country. Where are you located.

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To me its kind of obvious. Remove the ridge cap shingles and new starting from opposite side that they are started at now. This will cause the water coming off that valley to flow over the top instead of flowing underneath. Picture these as your ridge caps <<<<<<<< if the water is coming from right to left it can flow under the bottom of the cap. This is opposite direction >>>>>>>> same water coming right to left will push the water over. https://roofinglongisland.com