Ridge cap

roofer put ridge cap on without screen, now debri is blowing in my attic. Is there a sloution other than removing and replacing with another the has a screen.


Yeah…what twill said.

i think he is saying that the ridge vent is missing the critter mesh. easiest fix is replace ridge vent.

Thanks for the translation, Marshall…

Wonder why the RVent mesh was pulled off to begin with. ?

yes ridge vent, I am sorry. the foofer put one on with out the mess, didnt even know they came that way, so now I have to pay 8oo to have it taken up and put back
of course the roofer is out of business


Where are you located?

of course the roofer is out of business[/quote]

hmmm…i wonder why :?

“…of course the roofer is out of business”

Sorry for your misfortune but it sounds like he was disreputable. Just a guess but I’d say you went with the cheapest estimate and got what you paid for. Live and learn.