Ridge Capping Help

Hi all, Tackled a fairly good size project late last year and finished this year. Redid my roof. Had a lot of angles to deal with but work went well. I have a new found love hate relationship with Grace Ice & water, but with another set of hands was good to go. Anyways, I’m at the peak and have 4 ridges to contend with and I’m somewhat at a loss as how to approach this capping. I have attached several pictures. I used Timberline Gaf shinges and the Timbertex caps that call for the 8" exposure. Also the two ridges are at 60 degrees, the are also offset by about 6-8 inches where they meet, so they are not exactly across from each other.

Any suggestions?? Please see pics. Pic no 62 you can see I had to come up one more cap, cause it just would not make it without seeing the black part of the single and nail heads from the cap before it. Pic 66 shows me laying the cap across and getting coverage.

Pic 63, shows the caps without me adding the next one, and without it you would not be able to cover the hip with the ridge cap if I don’t add one more. Pic 65 show that, I just layed a shingle across to see where it would land.

Just trying to understand how I come across all those 4 points and attach. Do/should I reverse the direction of the final caps? Attached are the direct links to posts, as a new user I can only post one pic here.

You can post pictures with Imgur.com.

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Photo bucket needs to be thrown in the trash bucket. Use Imgur, like Axiom said.

Updated hopefully you can see these

Situations like that you just have to take your time. Throw a piece of grace an inch narrow than the cap shingles in both direcrion over the ridge and intersections. That way you don’t need to worry about leaks. Take your time and just work it out, designer hip and ridge can be a pain in the ass in situations like that. Sometimes a small propane torch or laying them in the sun, depending on the temperature, helps to get them to bend the way you want to. Other than that it is just a jig saw puzzle with some trial and error. Sometimes the more you over think it up on the roof the worse it looks from the ground.

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Anyone have any pics how these caps should overlap?

You just kinda make it work.

The idea is that the hip caps go all the way to the top and the the ridge caps cover everything, the hip cap on each side usually need to alternate back & forth.


Yeah, things seem to really start to thicken up at the top, especially with these Gaf Timbertex double layer caps

Yea they are a real pain in a situation like yours or where 4 hips meet at a point. They are much better to work with this time of year vs. When it’s colder.

Anyone have ever had any issues with putting some ice and water on top of ridge shingles before the caps? Meaning anyone ever see them bleed/leech out?

Also, I attached two pics, which would you guys do, or does it not matter?

Ice and water is no problem under ridge. Both of those pictures are perfectly acceptable, but neither are laminated hips, just have play around and make them work.

Funny first time doing a roof this size for me, other than one other rubber roof I’ve ever done. This one went almost perfect, and I get stuck up at the foolish top close to the finish line. Not to mention this double caps suck to work with when you have to bend them over each other to work.

But I do appreciate the feedback I received so far from this site.