Ridge to roof intersection question

Hi All, What is the correct detail where one roof ridge intersects the plane of a higher roof? Similar to where a gable roof dormer joins the main roof?
Is the proper procedure to shingle the lower roof including adding the ridge cap before working the higher roof on up to the top or is it possible to shingle the lower roof except the ridge caps then do all the ridges at once after all the roof shingles are in place? Can the lower ridge be lapped into the roof place without the ridge caps being in place? The reason I’m asking is I’m not sure if I’ll add continuous ridge vent yet but I’d like to get all the shingles installed then decide on ridge vent or not later?
Regards ,DaveB

If I am understanding correctly, there is no reason why you cant shingle everything before deciding on the ridgevent…


Do you mean something like this?


Do you mean something like this?[/quote]

good job!

good looking shingles too.

Are those certainteed weatherwood premiums?

Daveb, Axiom showed it perfectly.
The actual hole in the roof is further back than what you see in the pic though.(which im sure he did)
You do not want to cut the hole past the last rafter.

Landmark 30, Driftwood.

If you right click on the picture and click on view image you can see the full size picture.
Then you can zoom in on it for a closer look at that particular detail.

Yes, Nice photo. The area will be much like that.
I’m using Landmark 30 year gerogetown grey, I want to do a closed cut valley. Can you tell me how the shingles are arranged where the lower ridge intersection is lapped under the roof that continues up? If I shingle the lower part first do I carry the valley over laps up to this ridge then add a folded shingle over the ridge extending it up under the next plane? Should I apply the actual final ridge cap shingles so the higher roof overlaps them or can they be held back a bit and just have regular shingles lapped under the higher roof? or do I need a metal flashing for this joint to do it right?
Thanks, DaveB

I can take some pictures of the process tomorrow, I don’t currently have any that shows the steps in doing it.

Thanks Axiom. To narrow the questions down I went ahead and bought shingle vent 2 ridgevent and preformed ridge cap shingles so I can do the whole thing in whatever is the best order.
Thanks for any suggestions you might have
Regards, DaveB


They didn’t come out in the right order…

 Hi Axiom, Thanks, GREAT  photos, the order is no problem. Now I see how to cut them for the two planes. 

This site could use an archive where this kind of very useful stuff could be saved for others to use later.
Regards, DaveB