Ridge vent and old man winter

Had used ridge vent on this home as it was recommended by three people I trust. Happy I used it but have thoughts on it.

Call Airvent up to ask about snow as had seen your posts here the odd time how does it work in the snow. Was told in Colorado it does not work now but it will work up to about 22" of snow.

The theory is it has turbulance and pushes the snow away. From the ground I cant see and since I don’t trust anyone I went up yesterday.Not the best to be on a roof with 3" of snow at this time of the year.

Probably 80 percent of the vent was plugged or covered over completely. One area where it is warmer down near the chimney was all clear. The rest was mostly covered with a few little holes poking through.

So I called up again and said it was supposed to clear itself, I have enough soffit cutouts as it is cut continous all the way around the home at the bottom back edge of the facia board.

This last person said it will get covered but it will still breath through the snow. I said how much? She said don’t know but you won’t get your 18" of air.

I don’t think anything was done wrong and guess I will have to go into the attic to look around a bit but at this point it seems to me that the stuff does get covered with a minimal amount of snow.

If someone understands it inside and out would you explain it to me or if I am missing something.

People scoffed at whilrly birds and there was one other style like a whirly bird with no moving parts that I bought to consider to put three before the ridge vent entered the picture.

Without looking it up think it is Shingle Vent II. It is hard plastic, four foot sections, covered in shingles, has tons of little slots in it and a fine mesh I guess to stop the snow from getting in.



the fine mesh is to keep litlle critters out. if all is vented properly then there should be next to snow snow at your vents. my roof has over a foot of snow on the whole thing, yet my ridge vent is totally exposed. almost look like i had put a tarp over just that part when it snowed. driving around town all my vented roofs look like this. so, im assuming either something is wrong with your systemor maybe your getting heat lose through the walls or something before it even gets to the attic. It is def. not a manufacture problem.

I cut the soffit back around the whole home approx 1 - 1 1/4 inches or more, just cut rough till spring when I put the continous vent in it is open now and that I think based on what was calculated it correct.

As far as some warmth getting up there the only place on the roof that the there is not snow is around the chimney so there is some heat transfer there. However that is the only area that is completely open on the Shingle Vent so that if there is heat loss it appears it keeps the vent open and not leads to it plugging? At least that is what is happenening there.

The whole home has the pink rafter mates put in on everyone, insulation could be better cause I had to pull some of it out but the home right now is only kept at 42 so it is not the usualy warmth in there.

If there was heat transfer all over then the show should be melted but it is solid everywhere except the chimney area.

I look at the new homes built in the area and am surprised how many have large sections with snow melted or nothing at all. I was told if it is working right then the roof would be covered with snow.


if i read this correctly…you said the home was kept at 42 degrees? do you not live in the home? are you a hermit (haha just kidding) that is why!!! there isnt enough heat to escape. if you heat the home to upper 60’s you should get the normal effect.

low cause no one in it at the moment but also since I didnt get the R value back up to where it was then I didnt want to heat it and have heat up there.

I do qualify as having hermit status though.

As far as that home I am in and out through the day it gets used a bit but minimal, sometimes cranked up a bit but then back down, and minimal when cranked up not past 50.

That does not make sense to me maybe I am a bit slow.

If a home like that is supposed to have a 40 R plus value up there and the heat is at the normal 60-70 degrees how is heat escaping with that R value and the home pulling cold air along the whole length of the soffit?

What is the difference, it is heated to 42 but probably more on the ceiling then the attic insulation in not what it should be mostly towards the outside edges and way more than enough down the center of the home.

They said it works by turbulance, I could accept that maybe there will be more turbulance if the home is warm but when the R value is supposed to be R-49 I think GTP-1003 said then are you saying all that heat still escapes?

Confused again,


As far as the varmits well they used to eat through the facia, then I put some metal there and they came next door to my home and ate straight through the shingles in the roof Spring they get their walking papers, anyone have a reciipe for Squirrel stew, do you remove the tails first?

I think you mis understood me Warren. R-49 is rec. in your area. Heat will escape no matter what the r vaule is but the higher the R value the less heat loss will happen. For god sake man turn up the heat. Where im at it is 8 below this morning. SO i would turn up the heat.

The theory is now i said theory. A home with a snow covered roof is insulated correctly and ventilated correctly. This is a theory mind you and a rule of thumb when looking at other homes.

The attics insulation will protect the heat to a point. This is normal that there will be heat loss. Warren how much insulation do you have currecntly ? MOst homes are working with a r19 value where im at so you fine. Few people beleive in insulation save me money. People dont realize also they get a tax break too.

Hows this Warren email me your phone number and i will help you understand what im talking about so you can turn the heat up in the home. I feel bad that you have the heat ion 45 because i said something you misunderstood. PLease email me your number so i dont feel bad.

Dont feel bad it is not cause of you that I have it low, no one in it at the moment and was that way through a winter years back.

have to go to the city will explian it better later.

It had cellulouse or some type of insulation with the pink stuff running cross ways on top. since it had been leaking I souped out the wet celulouse and pushed the pink stuf back out of the way. So there are areas where there is next to no insulation along the outside edges. There has to be some heat escaping there so will go up and measure with my digital guage.

The plane is to get at least 38 from two six inch pinks running cross ways but I wonder also about the vapour barrier that is there cause it is only two ml.

When I am back later tonight will explain it better. It is not low cause of you please dont think that. I appreciate all your help and it was all good and usefull info.

The low heat was cause of me, not sure how I phrased it on the post but should have been more careful.