Ridge vent choices

I see many references to Shinglevent II etc. Does anyone have feedback on Cor-a-vent or Owens Corning Ventsure? The
home is on the ocean and driving wind,rain and snow is not uncommon. I recently had my roof done. The roofer used
rolled Cobra but opened up 3 1/2" when there is no ridgeboard, crushed the Cobra when applying the shingle cap and
neglected any sealant which was suggested by GAF. I have to replace.
Any input is appreciated. Needless to say I can’t trust my roofer. Thanks Ocean7199

I don’t like ANY of the rolled versions of ridge vent.

The Cobra that comes in 4 foot sections is a good product.

Personally I only use Lamanco High Point.I have never had an issue with blockage.I am really impressed with the external baffle and the bulky design.Its like having a fully functioning beefy cowl induction hood on your Chevelle.Its wide around 14" when most ridge vent systems hang around 12".

A quality product means nothing unless its installed by a professional. Or a Diy’r who has researched and can follow the instructions for ridge vent installation to the T.

A rolled system would be my last choice for my ventilation needs.